Going away for a while

Well, it’s really amazing….we don’t usually go on holidays (sigh) but we will be up, up and away this Friday night….yes! It’ll be the old red eye flight all the way from WA to the Eastern States. Leave at 12.05 midnight..arrive at 11am in Townsville. A very long time sitting down….without a computer! One of our sons lives there with his family, and we figured we’d better get to see the grandchildren before they get too much older. One is already going for his driving license. Oh dear, it does make me feel old.

Anyway…I shall take heaps of tropical photo’s to bring home and play with…try to get some photo montages happening. I’ve been drooling all over Sabine Spiesser’s work this week. She’s so prolific…take a look, it’s well worth it.

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