I'm back....with a vengeance :-)

Thank you to all the lovey people who left me their kind thoughts last night…they sure were appreciated, and I went to bed knowing that I have a lot of lovely friends here on RB as well as the ones I see regularly.

I’m sure sorry about the whining last night….I felt like I was going down for the last count…..but God is good…and I’m feeling 95% better….just the occasional sniffle and cough. I guess that being blessed with fantastically good health, I make a very bad job of it when I feel sick. There are plenty far worse of than me, so I apologise for making a fuss. My main concern was the fact that I hadn’t been in touch with you lovely people for a while, and wanted to explain why :-)

Another reason I could have been feeling rough could have been the fact that we had just demolished part of our living room. It’s actually the games room, but it’s by far the nicest room in the house. Anyway, we had an unfinished bar in the alcove of the far end of the room….which we used for a dumping ground for ‘stuff’ we couldn’t find a home for. We don’t drink enough to warrant having a bar….so we decided to knock it over to extend the room. Oh my aching back (ooops!….there I go again) but it wasn’t just the demolition, it was the rearranging of the room….finding homes for things worth keeping and the bin for the rest….so if I was beginning to come down with the dreaded lurgie….I suppose all the extra activity and dust could have made things worse.

High doses of lemon and honey seem to be doing the trick, and as I said earlier…I’m feeling on top of the world today…compared with yesterday. It’s a beautiful day today, so I’m taking my lemon and honey, a good novel and I’ll sit in the sunshine for a day of pampering :-)

Thanks again you lovely people….I feel very blessed to hear from you from time to time.
Happy creating

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