Feeling awful!

To everyone who has been leaving me such lovely comments over the past few days, I thank you very much. Unfortunately….I’m feeling pretty crook…and it’s taking me all my concentration to write this to you.
I really appreciate the comments that get left on my bubble, so please excuse me for not writing my little ‘thank you’ notes. So many of you have become really good friends to me, and I feel very uncomfortable about not contacting you in person with my thanks. I really enjoy chatting with you via BM’s.
It’s only a flu, but never the less….it aint good feeling this way….I don’t usually come down with them…very healthy normally.
That’s probably why I’m being a bit sook…sob :-(

Anyway….thanks again for the comments….I look forward to being up and atem very soon….until then, I’ll speak to you soon :-)

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