Fantastic printing results

How exciting is it to get your images delivered to the house…all printed up? VERY!! I’ve been plodding along for some years now, getting my designs photo copied, then cutting them up and sticking them onto cards. Labour intensive, but it’s always given me a kick that people want to buy them. But to see them printed up professionally has given me a new insight into my work. I’ve been thinking about biting the bullet re having them printed up for some time now….having ordered a few for myself, has helped me see them in a new light, and has made my mind up once and for all. Look out world…here I come. Thank you so much to Red Bubble for helping me out of the creative ‘doldrums’….I’ve been treading water for some time now…and with all the encouragement and these really well printed up images, I feel as though I’ve a new lease on life.
Thanks a heap to you all…people who’ve taken time to check me out and the team at Red Bubble. I can’t thank you enough.

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