Photo labs not advancing with technology

I have been trying to get a 4×6 of an image I have but everytime a part of the image is cut off. I have discovered a few things.

1- Digital images are sligthly larger than 35mm so instead of cutting the paper to a new size the lab wil crop the image. One can ask for lettebox but then you get big borders on both sides. I do beleive however the bigger the size the more likely to get the whole image with no cropping

2- Always write down settings for any images which you add special effects to. The image I am trying to get done properly is digital and also cropped in my computer.
So now I have been going over and over trying to recreate it in the original shot. No luck yet

3- Why do the big labs making greeting cards not allow any information about the image on the back of the card?

Getting the right color sems to be a chore for the labs, I would print my own but do not have agood printer..
So now I have taken to writng the code on the back of the photo that tells the lab what they have done. This way I can tell them which i want.
I do not know why the labs must tint every image instead of printing it with no color adjustment, I printed a small one in my printer and it looks more like the actual color than other ones. One is more brown, one is more green from the labs.

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