Christine Oakley

Caulfield North, Australia

I am passionate about travel and creative pursuits. All proceeds from sales go to Seconds to Give Australia – a not for profit...

Moroccan tile design Poster $12.00
Secret passageway Poster $20.00
Dancing in the rain on the Champs-Élysées (Paris, France) Poster $20.00
Light up your life (Marrakech, Morocco) Poster $20.00
Joy  Poster $20.00
Sit a while, Moroccan style... Poster $12.00
Sun salutation Poster $20.00
Weedy sea dragon Poster $12.00
A return to nature (Sarlat) Poster $20.00
Ragusa Inferiore (Sicily, Italy) Poster $12.00
Peacock at Castelo de Saint Jorge Poster $12.00
Essaouira (Morocco): Riad looking down Poster $12.00
Spring Eggs! Poster $12.00
Slippers anyone? (Marrakech, Morocco) Poster $20.00
Three wise men (Sahara desert, Morocco) Poster $12.00
Market Series - The scales never lie Poster $12.00
Palatial welcome (Palace doors, Fez, Morocco) Poster $12.00
Paolina Island Poster $12.00
Take all our time... Poster $20.00
Emerging from the darkness Poster $12.00
Sahara dunes Poster $20.00
I'd like to make believe that planet earth turns slowly... Poster $12.00
Sicilian blue sky temple dreaming Poster $12.00
Don't ask me to tell (Chefchaouen, Morocco) Poster $12.00
Statue Series - Arggghhhhh it's the hand! Poster $12.00
It's all connected.... Poster $20.00
Djellaba sunrise (Sahara desert, Morocco) Poster $12.00
Centre of attention (B&W) Poster $20.00
Textures lines and shapes Poster $12.00
What lies beneath the surface? Poster $20.00
Hagia Sophia Poster $12.00
Cityscape Series - River Dreaming  Poster $20.00
With a mind of its own Poster $20.00
Valentre bridge (Cahors, France) Poster $12.00
Cahors Market Poster $12.00
Ayvalik moonshine over jetty Poster $12.00
Market Series - Crustry bread with colourful backdrop Poster $12.00
Arch & Stair Series - Through an archway I walked... Poster $12.00
Dunes undulating to the horizon Poster $12.00
Ragusa in the spring time Poster $12.00
Turkish delight Poster $12.00
Golden glow on water and waves Poster $12.00
A ferny glade awaits... Poster $12.00
Barbiere Poster $12.00
Essaouira (Morocco): Riad looking up Poster $12.00
Lisbon window watching Poster $12.00
Market Series - Z is for Zucchini Poster $20.00
With you... Poster $20.00
On the road to Castelnaud  Poster $12.00
Market in Cahors Poster $12.00
Tiles, light and shade Poster $12.00
Footprints in the sand (Sahara, Morocco) Poster $20.00
Overgrown ruins - Sintra (Portugal) Poster $12.00
Monet's Water Lilies (Orangerie, Paris) Poster $12.00
Candle & Orbs Poster $12.00
Market Series - A bounty of olives Poster $12.00
Jardin des Plantes (Paris) Poster $12.00
Cityscape Series - Shanghai Poster $12.00
Ancient arches Poster $12.00
Cascading melodies... Poster $20.00
Cahors market meats Poster $12.00
Magestic hall Poster $12.00
Statue in motion 2 Poster $20.00
Katie with the red umbrella Poster $12.00
Lamps and plants on wall in Morocco Poster $12.00
Reaching for the sky Poster $12.00
Lamps of Alghero Poster $20.00
Market Series - Veronica Romanesco Cauliflower Poster $12.00
Ornate door locks (La Rochelle) Poster $12.00
A unique love Poster $12.00
Sunset over Capo Caccia, Alghero, Sardinia (Italy)  Poster $12.00
Jardin du Luxembourg (Paris, France) Poster $12.00
Little yellow boat Poster $20.00
A little cottage on the road to Castelnaud (France) Poster $12.00
Tranquility over Marciana Marina Poster $12.00
Centre of attention Poster $12.00
Yummmmm Cha! Poster $12.00
Solar powered lighthouse! Poster $12.00
Arch & Stair Series - Wandering in Erice Poster $12.00
Vineyards on Elba Poster $12.00
Worn but shining through Poster $20.00
Castello di Lombardia (Enna, Sicily) Poster $12.00
Flowers of Capo Caccia (Sardinia, Italy) Poster $12.00
Lounging around... Poster $12.00
Horsing around in Catania Poster $12.00
Market Series - Spring Onions Poster $12.00
Tanning Moroccan style (Fez tannery, Morocco) Poster $12.00
Moroccan lamp light Poster $12.00
Monet's Garden (Giverny, France) Poster $12.00
Sunrise over Alghero, Sardinia (Italy) Poster $12.00
Worn beauty Poster $12.00
A lot of hot air... Poster $12.00
Wall Art Poster $12.00
Red Panda (China) Poster $12.00
Statues Series - Man in motion Poster $12.00
Flower tribute Poster $12.00
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