“I’ll call you everyday” Right before I moved, my boyfriend promised that he would call me everyday, but he didn’t. The part of New York I moved to was very quiet, and there weren’t many teens my age. School wouldn’t start for another seven weeks because summer had just begun. I had almost freaked out the day the phone rang, no one ever called us. Ring…ring…ring, the phone continued to call me so I made my way through the boxed living room, and cluttered kitchen. “Hello?” I was so psyched; it was my best friend from San Diego. “Amber, hey, listen I can’t talk long” it didn’t matter how long we talked, I was just happy to hear a familiar voice. “Mark is a little busy, he got a job! Anyways, he wanted me to tell you that he loves you and misses you. We all miss you girl, but I need to go. Call me sometime!” and that was it. I knew Mark wouldn’t let me down.

Ding…Dong. Now the door was yelling, it must be social hour. ‘Blah’, I thought. I was still in my pajamas. They were black pants with red lips over them, and a short black tank with the words ‘can’t touch this’ across my chest. “Coming!” I yelled as I picked up a glass of orange juice. I looked through the peep hole on the door, but no one was there, confused I opened the door and stepped out onto the porch. “Mrs. Nelson” I turned around to see a guy around my age. He was cute; he had deep, brown, puppy dog eyes, and brown hair with blond tips. “Hmm?” I asked “Oh, me? No. She’s out…I’m Amber” I smiled and stuck out my hand, and he gave it a light shake. “Eric” he smiled, oh what a smile. “So, what brings you to my humble home?” I played, and he held up what appeared to be a pan of bread. “To welcome you to the dullest area around” he smiled again and handed me the pan. “See you around.” He walked across the rocky driveway and down the road. “Thank-you” I called after him. I watched him enter his own house, and then returned to my own.

The next day the ringing of the phone disturbed my sleep. I felt around in the dark for the light switch on my lamp, and eventually gave up and answered the phone. “Hello?” I sounded so tired, it was terrible. “Good morning, this is Eric. We met yesterday” he sounded so cheery. I guessed that people around here got up before six during the summer. “Oh, hey, what’s up?” I heard him give a soft chuckle at the sound of my voice. “I’d like to meet you for coffee; I’ll be over in fifteen minutes.” Then he hung up giving me minimal time to change my clothing. I rushed around my room, and tripped over various boxes in my attempt to get dressed. Sure enough, fifteen minutes later a knock sounded at the front door. “It’s open!” I shouted and continued to look through the packing papers for my second boot.

The door opened slowly and I heard someone walking down the hallway. He knocked on my door, and I opened it. “Still un-packing” he looked around the mess that was claimed to be my room. “Yeah, only two days” he smiled as I kicked the box that I believed to be hiding my purse. “Ready?” he led me outside, and we got in his truck. About twenty minutes later we arrived at a Starbucks. “What would you like?” I gawked at the menu as he placed his order for a tall cappuccino. “I’ll just have a tall mocha” he nodded and ordered for me.

He told me all the good things about being in the country that I hadn’t known. He told me about the classes the high school offered, and about all the clubs I could join. We talked about jobs that we had had, and past relationships. We at the coffee shop for two hours, we talked like crazy, yet still it seemed as though we didn’t know anything about the other.

Well after that morning at the coffee shop, if was like we couldn’t get enough of each other. We had so many things in common like the love for big band music, and yet at the same time we were nothing alike. He had to keep busy, while I could just lie around on the couch, but still, we were perfect for each other.

My boyfriend still never called me, not one time out of an entire month. It didn’t bother me though, Eric was occupying much of my time. My mom would always refer to Eric as my boyfriend and naturally I’d correct her. We were just friends, right? I’ve never known anyone like Eric; it was like he was someone I had dreamed up, except it was real. I found myself waking up quarter till six in the morning so that I could look nice when he came over to take me to Starbucks. He told me last time that he had a surprise for me but I had to wait for it.

It was seven p.m. and I was lying around the house in worn blue jeans and a pink halter top when he came over. “It’s open!” I turned off the TV and gave him a hug when he came in. “What’s up?” he pulled my sweater off of the coat rack “I have that surprise for you”. I let him help me with my sweater, and then we headed outside. We had walked for about a mile when I claimed that my feet hurt and he carried me on his back for about a block until we arrived at a cliff overlooking the city. He had a picnic set up and it was breathtaking “oh my god” was all that I could manage to say.

He turned on the CD player that was there and it was playing some slow Big Band music. He took my hand and we danced for almost twenty minutes before we ever sat down to eat. I felt so bad that I wasn’t eating anything; I was so distracted by him. Then as if he was reading the back of my mind, he leaned in and kissed me. I had been kissed before, but never like that. Regretfully I ended the kiss for much needed air, and all I could do was smile. There was nothing more I hated then when I heard that I was moving; now I wish that I had moved sooner. “Amber” he voice brought me back to the reality of me and him. “We’ve only known each other a month, but I’m going to say it. Every person is born with a hole, in their heart” He put my hand on his chest; I could feel his heart beating. “And they have to search all of their life to find the person that can complete it, and I’ve been complete ever since the first day I met you. Amber I lo-” What is happening? Why is his face fading?

“Amber, honey please wake up, we need you here”. Mom? I heard her voice, but how? I was trying to make Eric’s loving face re-appear, but it was gone. Slowly I opened my eyes to find that I was in a small white room. My mom was holding my hand, and my father stood in the corner. I looked around hoping to find Eric, but instead it was Mark standing over me. “Where am I?” My mom brushed away the hair in my eyes. “Honey, don’t you remember, we were supposed to move, but then you came down with a terrible fever. You’ve been in a coma for nearly a month, we were so worried.” She was crying but I wanted to scream. No! It was real, Eric and his love for me. I knew it was only a dream, but it had been so real. I met my soul mate, in a dream, over a cup of coffee. It was only a dream. My eyes were welling up “It was only a dream”



Bellevue, United States

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Love can be found in the strangest of situations…

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