Photo Competition Entries

Theme 1: Landscape, Travel and Nature

I submitted Sunset over Twentekanaal, one of my personal favourite landscape photos. Its close to my house, and I love all the colours I edited into it.

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Theme 2: Portrait, Fashion and Commercial

For this theme I chose See-Through Gradient because I dont have many portraits or Fashion shots that I like a lot. I went for the “commercial” or product shot.

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Theme 3: Black and White, Street and Reportage

For the black and white theme I chose Red Dirt Road. Even though you can’t see that the road was actually red, I think this photo shows a lot of power in black and white that the colour version might conceal.

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Theme 4: America

The America theme takes me back to a holiday I was on in Michigan. I loved the countryside there, which was often as flat as the countryside in the Netherlands, where I live. Michigan Fields of Corn is my choice for this category because it brings back nice memories.

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Theme 5: Europe

For the Europe theme, I had a lot of photos to choose from since I live there, which made this choice harder than the others. In the end I chose one of my all time favourites, also one of my most popular photos: German Quality

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