One For Throwback Thursday

Absque Labore Nihil In work, in play, in life; In rivalry of nations Or boyhood’s friendly strife: The race goes to the eager, The laggard falls behind, And ever to the bravest Do fortune’s smiles prove kind! When years have rolled behind us, And back in time’s deep shade, The distant days of boyhood Grow fainter ‘til they fade; One memory we’ll cherish, One name hold ever dear, and through the darkening shadows our school shall yet stand clear.

My school motto Absque Labore Nihil (without labor nothing) was written over the door of the original building that housed my school but when the school moved to it’s later much larger building the motto stayed and caused much laughter as the building was turned into a maternity hospital.

My old school song above, should, I suppose bring back hap

Reviewed In Shutterbug July 2014

“If I’m sounding a bit rhapsodic it’s because Chris Lord’s photographs filled me with a sense that the images are spectacular in execution with a real feeling that the photographer is having lots of fun creating them.” – Joe Farace…

Shutterbug Review. Shutterbug Magazine July 2014

Shutterbug’s Shutterbugs, Exploring Reader’s Websites by Joe Farace


Shutterbug reader Chris Lord is another transplant, this time from the UK, and calls the Big Apple his home. In this site Lord has created a fairy-tale land of HDR photography and collected arresting images in six galleries. Heck, even his portrait in “Meet the Artist” is HDR, and one of the best portraits of a photographer I’ve seen in a long, long while. (we make terrible subjects for other shooters.) The first two

Leeds Castle Landscape

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the purchaser of eight greeting cards of my newest image. Leeds Castle Landscape.

The sale is greatly appreciated, thanks very much indeed.


The Park Avenue Sculpture City Image, a tutorial.

A couple of folks have asked me how I did the Park Avenue Sculpture picture. I’ll do my best to describe my procedure but I have to admit that usually when I’m zoned out I barely remember what the hell I did! But this time I have a good rough idea how I got to the finished picture so here goes. It helped because I basically knew what I wanted before I started out.…

First I loaded all the images with the sculptures that I wanted to use into Photoshop using the biggest round sculpture as a main background.

Then I cut all of the other sculptures out of their Park Avenue backgrounds using the Topaz Remask plug-in and moved them all into one image on different layers. I activated each layer and positioned them looking for a overall good feel.

Using layer masks I deleted the bits that covered po


This has been a terrific weekend for me on Redbubble. It started on Thursday with a sale of an extra large canvas and a card of CATALINA FLYING BOAT. On Friday I became the weeks FEATURED ARTIST in the group THE GROUP and over the two days of the actual weekend seven of my images got FEATURED >> TEN << times. Thanks so much Redbubble.

Thank You

Many many thanks to the buyer from Australia who purchased three of my cards today and a huge thanks to the buyer of a large canvas print of “Downtown Manhattan, USA & WTC Towers, Circa 1979” this evening. Y’all really made my day!!


Tons of spam tonight hitting several images in explore. Someone opened an account named northnorth and went through a bunch of images – one of mine, three of mimi yoons and I saw several others – leaving up to more than 250 bad ads for cheap watch websites and the like. I deleted all of mine and hit the report button. We’ll see how long it takes RB to clear this up!! Actually I deleted all of mine twice and it has now returned three times so it’s all back.! I’m going to bed and I’ll see what’s what in the morning!

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