Been around this world in many a scene
Observing it since a young teen
Traveled with the high classes and the low
Born in the middle on the high side
So I was told
Stayed in five star ritzy resorts
And been to embassies of all sorts
Also slept in parks and in the street
Upon the dirt

Dined with prince and princesses
A few kings and queens
Have some in my family back in history
By the reams
That all still taught of in this day and age
So it seems

Dined with a Bishop from Vatican City
At twenty eight
Where I sat and listened to his life story
As we ate
Sure was an eye opener for one so young
Of how those in religious organizations
Teach one thing to others of what not to do
Then practice the same wrong
On the unsuspecting throng

Learnt of his lover in South America
And another in South of France
His mouth was certainly loosening
From all the alcohol he drank
Putting him into a trance
Spewing forth his truths to me
After he downed my left over aperitif of Scotch and Dry
So I silently sat and listened
To this man of the cloth
Dressed in his ankle length black robe
With its purple sash around his waist
And ruby ring upon his hand
He was brought to our party of six making seven
By a Sir and his Lady, wife
And as I sat and listened I wondered
If this man was truly sent from heaven
To waken up my senses to all the hypocrites around
By this one seated next to me wearing a thorn-less crown
And when I questioned him of his hypocritical ways
He answered quiet abruptly with a smile:
‘I am only human in this day’

And when it came time for our party of seven to leave that night
I watched as the proprietor and staff
Bent to kiss the ring on his hand
But when he offered it to me I stood erect
Standing my ground
Not wanting to kiss the hand of such a man
Let alone a trinket that he wore
And he reminded me of yet another priest I met at thirteen
Who would only bless a metal cross I wore
Not the person standing in front of him he saw
Thought back then it odd
That so much significance was put in place
For a material object instead of a human of God’s grace…

Well the Bishop he looked up at me in surprise
And as his eyes met mine a wry smile I gave in exchange
For his hand I would not kiss
Then suddenly he grabbed my shoulders
And planted me with a kiss
Upon the cheeks in true French fashion of his country-folk
Then winked at me as he turned and left
Walking down the carpet of red
Laid down upon our parties arrival of which he led
Into the restaurant to be fed

And as I watched him climb into the Rolls
I realized another truth of something said long ago:
‘This life is like a game of chess where everyone has a part to play’
And I felt like Alice in wonderland wanting to go home
Not stay
In a world with such deception coming from the top
To weigh down the pawns being used and abused
By the leaders of the game
Teaching one thing to the masses
To gain the ultimate control
To keep living high and mighty
While others live in the cold
But also seeing the pawns allow themselves
To be led like sheep to the slaughter
And what gives me the right
To tell you all this
Well, because I am one of God’s daughters
We live on the truth of what we see
We tell it like it is
And when I see such injustices
It makes me want to scream
But instead I just keep my calm
And smile a little knowing the day will come
When the tables will be turned
And those doing such wrongs against the innocent
Will be the slaves for all eternities to some…

And I’ve been through the drug scenes
Observing old friends on both sides of the fence
And saw some of them raised to higher positions
While others fell upon that path for committing such offence
In the eyes of the law of the people of this land
I’ve seen hypocrites galore that make such laws
High as kites
Creating fights
Calling for wars
And wanting it all…

And all I can say from observing so much
Is that people allow such things to happen
They don’t stand their ground
But whine and wear frowns
While adjusting their thorny crowns
Allowing others to bring them down
They listen to crap
And believe that it’s gospel
They are taught
They don’t stop
To look, listen and learn
Then get caught on the stern
Riding in another’s boat
And fall into the mote of submission:
A trifling fault
When compared to one’s own
So really…
No one has the right to moan
On their journey home

It’s up to all to follow the light
Of what they feel is right
As long as they’re not harming others
For if you do that
You’ll take steps back
Until more lessons are learnt
That can move you forward
And you’ll have no one to blame
But gee it’s a shame
That for deceptive games of submission
Some people just keep on falling…

Now don’t get me wrong
For we all need control
But that’s of our self
Not of others
As we were all given our life
With freedom of choice
To learn the art of self discipline
Is a blessing…
A gift from above
When you listen with love
To your own heart’s intuition
And if it’s not there
Then you’re still not aware
You haven’t awoken yet
From your dream or nightmare
But please when you do
Remember it’s you
That sets the scenes
Of what comes into your life
And don’t cast the blame upon others
For it’s you in control
Of how you want your life to go
Not that of your sisters or brothers…

© C J Lewis, Sydney 2008


C J Lewis

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Based on observations from my life.

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