Water Saving Showerheads: Are They Just Another Scam?

Last week I was scorched while under the shower as the new cold water saving showerhead that is installed allows more hot water through the nozzle than cold…even with the cold tap turned on full blast, it still only comes out as a trickle and I end up scorched.

So it got me wondering…

Now I know that these new showerheads are suppose to decrease the flow of cold water in the effort to conserve water but in the interim they allow more hot water through and a result of that action is that not only is even more cold water used to refill the hot water system but also more electricity is used to heat the extra cold water filling the tank.

I thought these new devices were to save resources…not use more!

I also noticed that my electrical bill has increased in the past 2 quarters. For our International friends information, your Australian friends, in Sydney anyway, pay their electrical bills, well I do, every three months.

Mine has increased by approximately $50.00 per quarter and yet I am not using the oven, heater or any more lights than usual. I also use the new energy saving light globes, so in actual fact my electricity bill should be decreasing not increasing. I can only put this increase down to the fact that I have had this showerhead installed in the past 6 months and since then my electricity bill has increased. I have had the energy saving light globes installed for around twelve months.

I have had the tank checked by a qualified serviceman and told there are no problems with it so, it seems to me, that it is only logical that the electricity bill has gone up when considering that the new water saving showerheads the governments are asking everyone to install create the situation of not only more cold water, but also more electricity, being used.

As the hot water in my water tank, which is not an off-peak water system, refills with more cold water to replace the hot I use in my daily two minutes, if that, shower then it automatically heats the cold water so as I have plenty of hot water. This would be the same process for everyone’s water system, apart from those that have off-peak systems. The off-peak systems would still refill with more cold water but heat it when programmed to do its job.

I can imagine what it’s costing a family of four or more in using these supposedly cold water saving showerheads.

I can’t replace this hot water system because a) it is not my system to replace, and b) even if I could, I cannot afford the $1,500 to get an off-peak system.

So on reflecting the above information I have to also question; if these so called officials want the population to save water, why do they insist we use these supposed cold water saving showerheads when in actual fact they use more hot water in the long run resulting in the need for hot water systems to fill with more cold water, and use more electricity to heat the extra cold water?

Is this just another scam put upon the people that will cost people even more money to use these needed resources that some won’t even stop to question?

And, all under the banner of this supposed global warming they keep focusing on, which in my view of things will bring such a catastrophe upon this world even faster by constantly focusing on it.

The old saying: “As you give so shall you receive” seems to mean more to me than meets the understanding of the majority.

Such sayings as that above were not said towards material objects…in the days they were written they barely had any material objects in the world back then. They talk of the physics of this world…the nature of this world…the process, function of this world.

I see it that everything and everyone in this world is connected as one in nature and if we are going to constantly put our focus on disasters then Mother Nature will give us back that which we focus upon, in this case global warming. If we put that out as the desire, by focusing on such catastrophes and by keeping such catastrophes in mind constantly, then that desire may well come back upon this world.

Also if people say they are such great Christians then why is it that they do not understand what Mother Teresa meant when that wonderful woman said: “Ask me to an anti-war rally and I won’t come. Ask me to a peace rally and I will be there”.

Mother Teresa knew the flow of nature in this world by saying those words…and yet a lot of people still don’t understand what Mother Teresa meant. She was putting her focus in the proper direction for the best outcome.

Peace begets peace. War begets war. It states that in the Bible of which Mother Teresa obviously had great understanding of the lessons therein.

Certainly makes me notice that the majority of people in this world…are still asleep!

As one Australian Prime Minister, namely Paul Keating once said: “The Government’s greatest asset is public ignorance”.

Are they hoping that once again the people will be ignorant to this great cold water saving showerhead scam too?

Makes me wonder….

© C J Lewis, Sydney, 2008

Water Saving Showerheads: Are They Just Another Scam?

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