RACISM - A Waste Of Pure Energy


The barrage of wars within this World seem to stem from the ‘racial point of view’ being expressed by so many, and possibly by the misconstrued perception of what is labeled the Word of God – the Bible, by so many.

I have written this thesis, with the help of many great minds that came before me through research, and who, I feel, have guided me in this writing.

What is human’s preoccupation with race about in this day and age when in actuality ALL humans are of the same elements and essence beneath the surface of the flesh?

This is not stating that no human is unique because each and every individual is unique based on the amount of elements and the intensity of the vibration of their creation, which transforms the bodily elements from fluid to solid in the embryonic state.

No two vibrating forms of equilibrium (bodies) uniting to form another vibrating form of equilibrium (a body) via conception is never of the exact same form and degree of equilibrium as any other.

If we can now come to understand what being human is, both physically and spiritually, then why are the racial problems which have plagued humans for centuries so strongly surfacing again in this day and age.

Could it be that the World’s destruction which has been slowly happening over the centuries is evolving in such a way that the time has come for humans to stop bickering among themselves, grow up and mature spiritually and move forward into, this still young, next millennium with an understandable maturity befitting a Universe which is also growing up; evolving.

I, for one, do not understand the problems of this world of today that is so ‘overly’ concerned with the colour, or origin, of so many wonderful, diverse, different branches of humanity.

Surely this cannot solely be for the domination of particular areas of land, as no one ever ‘owns’ the Earth. We only ‘lease’ it for the span of time that in this physicality within this dimension we are upon its surface.

Where do I, and other with similar genetics, stand in a racist society?

I am of the so-called ‘white race’ but in my genetic lineage I had a ‘white’ ancestor who married a ‘black ancestor’ back in time (circa.1700’s)

He was a Welsh missionary, probably teaching the Druid way. She was the daughter of a chief of a village in Africa. Most likely they both understood humans involvement within the natural world. The coercion of the two as one.

Therefore in actual existence of being, my and my many cousins’ since that time, genetic make-up consists of ‘black and white’ genes along the DNA structure. So what side of the race issue do we stand?

Why is that humans of today cannot see that, apart from the colour of ones skin, their origin of birth and upbringing, humans are all the same in ‘essence’.

Are humans so bored in this dimension of life that they have nothing else better to do than dispute with their neighbours, those at any given time that are standing, walking, sitting or living next to them.

Have not the past centuries all been a learning process for humans to better learn to ‘get along’ for their evolution towards understanding spirituality and creating a better world in which to live for all.

Jesus said: ‘Love thy neighbour as thy self’.

Does that not tell ALL humans to treat one another as they themselves would want to be treated, with justice, compassion, prudence, moral, virtue and love.

Or has this been understood as only ‘the human/s who lives next door’ literally.

To me, we are all neighbours of each other regardless of location, just as we are all brothers and sisters of each other in a deeper sense as we are all of the same essence initially. And, most likely even related somewhere back along the genealogical line to this point in time.

We are ALL atoms of God, source energy or whatever name one chooses to append to their belief.

Racism is good for the media. It creates issues, mainly wars, in all areas of the globe for journalists to write about, put into print and sell.

It makes massive amounts of money for big businesses too and those that run those big businesses that are involved with keeping wars going for the reason of keeping their ‘old’ family businesses going including banking, weapons, uniform, food, pharmaceutical, steel and plastic companies as well as all other companies needed to supply for not only the troops but also the aftermath of the unnecessary destruction for rebuilding and reconstruction of devastated peoples and areas.

But such war games surely are seen as the greed of a materialistic minority population wanting to sell more newspapers, which creates massive incomes for the proprietors.

Yes, it creates employment that grants an income for many to also live on but surely there are better things to write about and put in newspapers than the gloom and doom wars and other violence of any form.

Or is it that this society only wants to know about the bad things that happen in this World today?

If that is so, then that tells me that the balance of this World is definitely off its linear.

As in the linear complex of Mathematics:

‘a complex of lines in space comprising in each plane all and only the lines through one point, and through each point all and only the lines in one plane. The point is then the pole of the plane, and the plane the polar of the point’.

Is not this telling us that this planet Earth is the plane between the two poles of South and North?

I feel it is so and I understand it that if the balance between these two poles becomes unbalanced then we may well be in trouble. Like when a person is standing on a beam in gymnastics. If they don’t centre themselves to create balance they tumble.

If the human race becomes unbalanced in its powers of energy ie: too much negativity, or too much positivity, even in thought, then, to my sense of reasoning, this unbalance will create a shift of the plane within those two poles.

Then what happens if planet Earth gets off its line in the molecular structure of the Universe? There are already reports, coming through the newspapers and in documentaries from Scientists stating that the planet Earth’s poles are shifting slightly.

It could well be people’s attitudes, thoughts and energies that are also helping to shift these poles as we are all energy which even though encapsulated with the insulation of the body is still emitted through our vibrations of doing whether that be in actions, deeds or thought, which is also an action as it is something that we do.

Is this racism caused by the fight for Power?

Power is not dominance over another regardless if that other is of a different colour or origin. As some say a different ‘race’. To me we are All of one race…it is called ‘the human race’.

Power is an element within ALL humans. We are energy – electricity, which in its self is Power.

We are negative and we are positive and we have been ’Earthed’ when we were birthed, just like electricity needs to be earthed.

It is up to humans to balance their negative and positive within themself. Their yin and yang…the male and female elements within, which is within All humans. Everyone had a mother and father and even those born from test tubes still had a male and female input to their beginnings…sperm and egg.

When a child is born that is power. The power of the elements which make up human to come to realization through conception leading to birth.

Every division of the human race has something to teach the other be it in the fields of art, science, medicine and many other diverse and various sections pertaining to living in a physical world, and from some of us, pertaining to living in a spiritual world.

Some of this world’s most ’power(full) humans were of different colours and origins:- Gandhi, Martin Luther, Confucius, Plato, Homer, Socrates, Einstein, Buddha, Muhammad and Jesus Christ who are the most known and who all did their personal battles with good and evil to learn to live above their ego, the perpetrator of all evils, to live from their higher spiritual self but what about some of those wonderful men who are not that well known by the general public at large:

Dr Jose Rizal (1861-1896)

National hero of the Philippines.

First to inspire Filipinos to regard themselves as a nation and to cherish the Philippines as their fatherland.

He was not saying to the Filipinos, do not travel, do not learn about this World that you are a part of, he was simply saying to acknowledge that the Philippines is where their heart is, where their point of learning begins.

Antonio Narino (1765-1823)

National hero of the Republic of Columbia (Colombia).

Philosopher and man of Law who advocated and defended liberal ideals and translated for the first time the ‘Universal Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen’, which served as the torch for liberty and independence of the nation.

Advising the citizens of Columbia that they were free also.

General Don Bernando O’Higgins, Jr. (1778-1842)

Chilean. Even though he had an Irish surname. Nevertheless, he was not entirely ‘white’.

Organiser of the expedition to liberate Peru.

Eugenio de Santa Cruz y Espejo (1747-1795)

Ecuadorian encyclopaedist, Physician, journalist and Patriot.

One of the chief figures of the illustration in America.

Pedro Fernandez de Quiros (1565-1615)

Portuguese born explorer in the service of Spain who made important discoveries in the Pacific.

Quiros gave the name ‘Australia Del Espiritu Santo’ to the Great Southern Continent. The nation of Australia today.

(The very words: Australia Del Espiritu Santo means Southern Continent of the Spiritual Saint.)

Benito Juarez (1806-1872)

Mexican statesman and resistance leader against the French Occupation.

After defeating the puppet Emperor Maximilian, Juarez instituted numerous liberal reforms as President of Mexico.

His Government guaranteed free speech, free press; right of assembly and equality before the Law.

Jose Marti (1853-1895)

National hero of Republic of Cuba, teacher, journalist, politician, writer and poet.

Marti inspired the Moncada Barrack attack of July 26, 1953. Jose Marti embodied the dream and struggle for a unified Latin America. He died fighting for Cuban independence on May 19, 1895.

This man’s belief in unity was so great that he laid down his life for it.

All these wonderful, inspiring, brave men were all Spanish speaking but they were all of different colour and origin. Here alone is a mixture of the power of all divisions of the human race.

Without these men would the World have the independence that it has in this day and age in those particular countries.

Sadly, though, it seems that their devotion to justice for all and their efforts to create freedom for ALL humans, that they so rightly and justly deserve, seems to be getting ‘swept under the carpet’ so to say, not only in the areas from which these men rallied but for other regions of this world as well.

When will the humans of this World come to their senses and realise that we are ALL equal in the sense of ‘essence’, if not in physicality, wealth, fitness, etc.
Once born into this physical world, we are what we make of ourselves. We also make this World, this planet Earth what it is and what it becomes.

Is it not commonsense that with all the ‘negative’ forces at work in this World of today such as racism, theft, murder and other such acts that are known as evil that the balance of this world is at stake.

To me, an imbalance of nature including mankind creates an imbalance of the World and the imbalance of this World may well create ‘an imbalance of this World on its molecular structure within the Universe’.

Do the humans of this world want to destroy this planet, which gives them the chance to live in physicality, due to the balances of the natural elements on the Earth allowing for the habitation of the human form as it is?

Lately there has been a lot of destruction by natural elements of the Universe directed at this planet such as floods, tornados, fire, earthquakes, and tsunami’s.

Could it be that the negative and positive forces are starting to sway to the negative too much?

I believe, the saying ‘as you give so shall you receive’ is an explanation of the movement of the energy of this world. If we are going to give out the feelings, via the vibration of our internal energy; our vibes, of destruction and focusing on destruction then Mother Nature is going to give us that same energy of destruction back via catastrophies such as floods, tsunamis etc as what we receive since we are sending out a destructive desire in the first place by wrongly placed misunderstood vibrations from our own being.

After all, God, source energy or whatever name you tag to your belief, is in everything and everyone and therefore we are all one and that ALL includes this world that we have a physical experience upon.

I believe Mother Teresa knew about the movement of energy also when she said “invite me to an anti-war rally and I won’t come. Invite me to a peace rally and I will be there. She knew the importance of focusing her energy in the correct manner.

Do the humans in this world not realise the meaning of: ‘GOD helps those who help themselves’ or is it that they have misconstrued the meaning thereof, as they have in so many other ways?

Racism is surely no way towards evolution or the future of the children of this world, unless of course the humans of this world want their children to grow up in hatred, fighting against themselves. And, possibly their own cousins of which they have never met.

I, for one, can only hope and pray that is not the case.

Surely, it is time for humans to stop, collect their thoughts, regain their morals and virtues and live peacefully with each other for a better advancement of this World into this new Millennium.

And pray to their God from within asking for direction in their life. They may be surprised at what they will learn as their higher spiritual self starts to educate them from within leading them to see and hear the truths of the realities of life.

Racism is a state of mind that comes from the egoic mind, it is an evil that can and will be overcome when humans wake up and understand that this physical life is what leads them into their eternal spiritual life and how that will be for them…good or bad.

And when they realise that they do have the right to change their outlook, attitude and mind on any given circumstance or situation, unless of course they just want to be another lemming following the leader over the cliff and down into a destructive hell wanting to take as many friends, fans and followers along for the ride.

That is also their freedom of choice.

- © C J Lewis, Sydney, 1998

RACISM - A Waste Of Pure Energy

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I submitted this as Part 2 of a hypothesis I wrote titled What Is Man? which I sent as an entry to the Nobel Peace Prize institute in 1998.

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