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  • Custom-made box or flat frame styles
  • High-quality timber frame finishes to suit your decor
  • Premium perspex - clearer and lighter than glass
  • Exhibition quality box or flat frame styles
  • Note: The dimensions listed indicate printed image measurements and exclude mat board and frame dimensions


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Alternate view of The Birdcage  Framed Print
Alternate view of The Birdcage  Framed Print
Alternate view of The Birdcage  Framed Print
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The Birdcage
Designed by C J Lewis
© C J Lewis 1998. Oils on stretched canvas 15”x 11” *ORIGINAL PAINTING IS FOR SALE PLEASE CONTACT ME FOR DETAILS AT cjlartworks(at)* *BIRDS IN A MENAGERIE* In this world it is for you to know For you to choose as a guide To follow the right And not the wrong For your life to continue on So look around and go your way Be fair and not unjust To love ALL is what we need To keep the flow Of life's long seed For without love where would we be Just birds in this world's menagerie. © C J Lewis, 1970 c j lewis visual artist, c j lewis digital artist, c j lewis designs, fineart, ftspainting, interior, bird cage, window, tree, curtains, white, gold, brown, green, chair top

Framed Print

The Birdcage by C J Lewis


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