I Got Blues

A snippet from the life of me … original music, lyrics and performance by me.

Written and recorded as a demo back in 1982 at EMI Studios 301 when I worked there as a Traffic Manager (known as a bookings coordinator to the Southern continent). It took me 10 minutes to write the score and lyrics while I waited for a hamburger to be cooked in the local milk bar … now known as a cafe I guess … my how times, and names of places, change over the decades.

Thanks & credits go to:

Peter Coban (ex-EMI 301 Studios, Sydney) on:- F.R., Flute & Acc. Piano.
Leon Zervos (ex-EMI 301 Studios, Sydney) on: Drums
Greg Henderson on: 2nd Bass
Guy Pratt on: Bass
Engineers: Glen Phimister and Guy Gray (ex-EMI Studios 301)
and also Glen for the arrangements.

To be one of the songs in a musical I’ve been writing for the past 10 years … hey, these things take time … 27 songs in all and most still to be scored, although I’ve got the melodies recorded to remind me of their tunes … such is the life of an artist … on go slow … why rush time when it is eternal …. it’s called: One Love’s Journey.



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