Understanding The Key To Peace and Reconciliation

Each and everyone holds a key
To how this world can soundly be
If they just put away their inbuilt animosity
From actions past they did create
By thought waves full of hate
Not for others only for themselves
Which is all one can see in true reality
From the illusion they create
Being their own Satan’s bait
The little devil energy that dwells within
That negative they blame for their sins
With the lack of strength to take control
And discipline their very soul
To see the beauty that abounds
With all the peace that does surround
Each and everyone in this world
If only they would sit and dwell
Upon the energy of themselves
Instead of casting blame
Oh – that’s such a weak man’s shame!

I was listening to a show on television one night last week and someone said; ‘if only we could find the key to peace and reconciliation’. I thought after hearing such a statement it odd that some seem to think they have to look outside of themselves for such a key when that very key is within each and everyone from the lowest of the low to the highest of the high, from the richest to the poorest, everyone is a chosen child of God not just a few as some seem to think and who like to put themselves on high pedestals.

I have been watching this world and its function for almost 60 years now starting from when I was first born into this world’s illusion and it has never ceased to amaze me just how uninformed a lot of people actually are as to what they actually are – an encapsulated energy that functions with a kinetic base. A force unto itself in that as it gives out it receives back in like manner of what it puts out in the first place. That being so then the old words of the Bible: War begets war. Peace begets peace, is pure sound reasoning so therefore if war is going to continue in this world then peace will not be illumed to be as war is the initial function being performed. And that means war in any means whatsoever even in the name of trying to bring peace to be. It is impossible to bring about peace using war as the catalyst as the returning result of war will just be more war.

I have often heard people working for defence forces say they are Christians and if that is so then why are they in such forces? One of God’s Commandments, written by Moses through channel writing was: Thou Shall Not Kill. It wasn’t thou shall not kill but it’s okay to kill in the name of war. Such people are only bringing upon themselves bad repercussions for their eternal future lives still to be. Jesus understood that and is why he said: ‘If a man should strike you on one cheek offer him the other’. In other words do not retaliate for as to do so is to start a snowball effect back upon yourself an example of this being; if someone hits you then you hit them back then down the line someone hits you again then you hit them back and so forth, the action continues eternally until you realise that you have brought such action upon yourself for hitting back even though someone hit you first. You should have offered them the other cheek and through experience of having been in such a situation and offering the other cheek believe me the person didn’t know what to do and slinked away shaking their head wondering what had just happened because I did not retaliate. It is energy on the move and once you have started it in the wrong direction it doesn’t stop until you put a stop to it which is by taking back your own treatment then not recreating it again but holding strong and controlling your actions, which includes thoughts as to think is also an action, that way it stops the perpetual reaction of giving and receiving in the wrong manner. An example of this would be that of being hit that you retaliated against by hitting back because you were first hit resulting in such action being the snowball that started the actions of your being hit over and over in your lifetime and not just by the person who first hit you that you retaliated against. If you want peace from such actions in your life then you have to ‘put on the brakes’ and think about what it is you are doing to create such reactions.

If people know anything about God at all then they would know that God is our only energy source that everyone and everything including all nature is connected to by being a part of it and it creates what we put into it. Put war into it and you get more of the same back. Put peace into it and that will be the returning result of that action.
It is and we are by association with it ALL pure physics.

Peace be to you ALL.



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