A Voyage With Art - Video

If anyone is interested to have a look at my new video they can do so from here.

A Voyage With Art

For those that are trying to make a living out of their art (ie: this is their day job – and not just a hobby, although hobbyist can also use the same techniques to generate some more income for themselves – and who doesn’t need that in this day & age) then I would suggest they also do a video and put it up on the net…it may draw more attention towards your work.

This little video was made using Windows Movie Maker…very easy to use, so if you have Windows then you most likely already have this program on your computer. Search it out and take advantage of its uses.

In the business of art it is all about, like any other business, promotion and if you don’t have an agent or manager then you have to do it all yourself…otherwise only your family & friends will know you exist as an artist. If this business is your bread & butter then you have to treat it like it is a business, or starve, so promote, promote, promote.

Various ways to promote:

a) Get an interview with your local newspaper (some do it free to use as fillers for any
blank spaces in their issues)
b) Letterbox drops of your flyers showing some of your work along with links to your
various sites.
c) Business cards depicting some of your work and links to your sites.
d) Marketplaces – have some cards, prints, posters made up by RB and sell them at
the markets.
e) Have cards printed up by RB and send them to your friends…they list your name and
site on the back so their friends see them and may take a look at your site too.
f) Gallery Exhibitions – have framed prints made up by RB and find a Gallery that will
exhibit your works – invite everyone…including the postman, neighbours,
acquaintances and the stranger you might bump into in the street (with a smile of
g) Submit your art sites to as many search engines as possible.
h) Use the correct keywords – your name, art, watercolours, landscapes, digital_art etc
so that those in cyberspace who are looking for what you have can find it via the use
of keywords. I have learnt that they are very important aspects for getting higher
rankings in the search engines too.
i) On your art sites – makes sure you use the keywords on every page in bold and
ensure these words are embedded by their use on your pages at the top,
middle and bottom of each page…it helps with ranking in the search engines.

I am sure there are many other ways as well…just can’t think of them right now…and if you do then please either put them in the comments box here or bmail me with them…if you don’t mind sharing, which is a good thing, as that is helping each other whilst also helping one’s self…but whatever you do…do it with a professional attitude, and good luck :)

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