Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous 2017.

As we head into 2017 we leave the past 9 year cycle (numerology) behind.

2017 is a new number 1 Universal year so a new 9 year cycle begins.

It is imperative that you leave all past problems, animosities, stresses and worries behind by forgiving yourself for your choices if those choices have caused you harm or worry and forgive those who may have harmed you … remembering it was really your own choice/s that brought such harm upon you.

Then just let it all go. Don’t think of those issues again because if you don’t let them go those problems or issues etc., will be carried with you into the next 9 year cycle.

Have fun and take care,


(a.k.a. CJ)


Life Between Lives as Consciousness

This man is a highly spiritual man who’s observed the ‘process of life’ and sees the truth of the illusion of having a physical experience from a spiritual point of view. Most people ‘fall into temptations’ ie: goes along with the viewpoints of others, gets brainwashed away from their own beliefs. He doesn’t. To me, it sounds like he follows his own path of knowledge. He’s not a sheep, he’s a leader. A master of universal understanding like Jesus, Buddha, Confucius and other great minds that also came to ‘teach and share their knowledge’ with others. Until a person actually ‘frees’ their self from the illusions around them and walks their own path to learn what the ‘process of, and to, life is’ they may find it hard to understand what he is saying but eventually they will understand thr…

I Got Blues

A snippet from the life of me … original music, lyrics and performance by me.…

Written and recorded as a demo back in 1982 at EMI Studios 301 when I worked there as a Traffic Manager (known as a bookings coordinator to the Southern continent). It took me 10 minutes to write the score and lyrics while I waited for a hamburger to be cooked in the local milk bar … now known as a cafe I guess … my how times, and names of places, change over the decades.

Thanks & credits go to:

Peter Coban (ex-EMI 301 Studios, Sydney) on:- F.R., Flute & Acc. Piano.
Leon Zervos (ex-EMI 301 Studios, Sydney) on: Drums
Greg Henderson on: 2nd Bass
Guy Pratt on: Bass
Engineers: Glen Phimister and Guy Gray (ex-EMI Studios 301)
and also Glen for the arrangements.

To be one of the songs in a musical I’ve been writing for the

Understanding The Key To Peace and Reconciliation

Each and everyone holds a key
To how this world can soundly be
If they just put away their inbuilt animosity
From actions past they did create
By thought waves full of hate
Not for others only for themselves
Which is all one can see in true reality
From the illusion they create
Being their own Satan’s bait
The little devil energy that dwells within
That negative they blame for their sins
With the lack of strength to take control
And discipline their very soul
To see the beauty that abounds
With all the peace that does surround
Each and everyone in this world
If only they would sit and dwell
Upon the energy of themselves
Instead of casting blame
Oh – that’s such a weak man’s shame!…

I was listening to a show on television one night last week and someone said; ‘if only we could find the key to peace and reconc

What Religion Actually Means.

I have done this exercise as an understanding and explanation of a quote my Father once expressed.…

These terms of what religion is has been taken from the words explaining religion in the Concise Oxford Dictionary (4th edition). The words in (brackets) I have added and are not shown in the dictionary definitions except for (the Christian, Mohammedan etc) shown in the explanation of the word Religion that is in the dictionary definitions.

DOGMA – Principle tenet, doctrinal system especially as laid down by authority of church; arrogant declaration of opinion.

DOGMATISM – based on priori (monastic/monastery) principles and rules with such an order of a monastery, church etc.

RELIGION – is a:

1) Monastic condition of order and rules;
2) Practice of sacred rites by monastic order; a belief of

Mysticism, Religion and Life

The mysticism to life is as you make it, through what you put out in the first place.…

It is part of the movement of energy on Earth in conjunction with the energies of the ruling planets, the Moon and Sun, over the Earth.

As the energies of the planets (Moon; the governing male energy, Earth; the nurturing female energy and the Sun; the balancing energy of the nature of life) keep the equilibrium; the balance, in harmony grouped together on the molecule structure of this Universe.

In physical (and spiritual) life one has to learn how to live along with that harmonic energy for as we put out via human energy (our thoughts, words and actions) is what we receive back eventually, both in the physical life over time, and the spiritual more spontaneously.

The energy of people sets a fourth ener

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