my camera is a caplioR5 ( digital )
it has a 7.1 optical wide zoom lens & 7.0 mega pixels….

I am a Christian and I love writing poetry, psalms & songs.
I also love taking photos.
I have taught myself how to write poetry and verse on pictures which is amazing.
We live in a truly amazingly beautiful world and everyday is a blessing to something new.
so many wonderful things catch my eye and there is so much beauty so many miss…
I have traveled to the UK, Ireland,Scotland,Rome & Paris and the East Coast of Australia…still plenty of adventures ahead of me yet, and yes I plan to capture as many things as I can…the camera is always’s funny cause once I never dared dream I would witness so many wonderful things that I have to date, but now the world is at my feet….
finally got to venture across my Country Jan 2011for twelve days from the East to the West,Melbourne to Perth :>)
did it the adventurers way ! in a b-double truck…..what a journey, what a view, AWESUM…..

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All copyright and reproduction rights are retained by the artist. Artwork may not be reproduced or altered by any process without the express written permission of the artist.

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the photo & Bible Scripture named " A Little Bible Scripture"
once again the size of this won’t allow me to place original up here..
still learning :>)

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the photo & Bible Scripture named “HAPPY VALENTINES”…
once again unable to place the photo up here ?

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verse: Reflections of recent history.

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Happy Valentines Day !
( for some reason I can’t place the photo here )

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verse : Reflections of recent history…

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verse: Reflections of recent history…….

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verse : They breed ’em tough in the land down under….

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Happy New Year to ALL.

wow I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I was last here.. / I’d even forgot my log in details. another year older hahaha… / I hope you have all had a wonderful 2012 and may this New Year bring many Blessings to All, may your year be a prosperous one filled with love and wonderful memories. / I see there have been many changes since I was last here so I will have to…
Posted almost 5 years – 1 comments

Not forgotten

just a quick note as I pass through again to all my friends and followers I haven’t forgotten you, just had so much stuff on my plate lately trying to put poetry together etc. I have still managed to get out with my camera so as to build the vitamin D levels up and to get some form of exercise other than finger tapping on the key board.I will respond to all comments at a later date as I fin…
Posted over 6 years – 1 comments

hello again :)

gosh it’s been awhile since I was last here, / been busy out and about with camera in hand and enjoyed time well spent reading and writing and just focusing on other passions in my life. / It’s so easy to spend more time in one area and neglect others so decided I would catchup on the areas I was neglecting. / Busy still putting poetry together to take to publishers etc… / then …
Posted over 6 years – 4 comments

Help required please !

I am hoping some one may be able to assist me as I would like to change my profile photo and am not sure how I go about doing it…. / most grateful for those who can assist with this request / Cheers and God Bless for now / Chris xo
Posted almost 7 years – 2 comments
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