Back to writing

Okay, so it’s been ages. My original intent was to start writing, and have something posted at least once a week.
I am diagnosed with “Panic Disorder”, but taking valerian root extract keeps me from having any problems. Seriously, it isn’t funny when it happens, but after viewing it later on, I understand what happened.

I never got to finish my writing on CrimeJazz, and if I’m correct, it’s now being held at a different club. If I can find it, I’m going again. However, this time, I’m not getting locked out until 3:30 in the morning, and then still getting up to be at work the next morning at 8am.

I’m also going to be writing more dealing in the ethics of men. No, not women. Sorry. Not that I have “swine apathy” or anything like that. Just, I write from what I know, or at least, that which I come to understand. Being a man, and understanding women is a whole other ball park. I’ll also still be bringing reviews, stories with a macabre feel, and philosophy. Lets just hope I don’t end up listening to an hour of guys debating the beauty of European Cathedrals again. Oh yes, and being a corporate sell-out.

So yes.

Chris is back.

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