Back in the playground

So, this is my second week back at work. This time I had off allowed me to appreciate a few things that I had forgotten about. One is the fact that capitalism in Europe survived because it took on a few socialistic values. Such as a workers union, which, when informed of my fear loosing my job because I wasn’t there to work, they reminded me that my employer has a 2 year obligation of keeping me on their payroll while sick. Beautiful.

This allowed me to start working on my new apartment as well. And it allowed me to really think about how my life is going, and where I want to be. What I want to be doing. And I’ve learned to relax. Plus I’ve bought a new guitar. :-D HELL YEAH!

All in all.. Yeah, I’m just still in a constand state of awareness thinking that at any moment, I could have another attack, and that I don’t want. It’s hard. Staying completely aware of your body, you know. But yeah. Back to corporate labouring.

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