The ballad of the butterfly and the moth

One early spring evening the stars awoke early, shining in the darkening blue sky. The sun slowly sank beneath the sea, painting everything in her path gold. The blossom had perfumed the air. Birds sat in the trees singing a most beautiful song for they knew this was an evening for falling in love. All was perfect, beautiful and just.

As the night breeze blew in, a butterfly twisted and glided in the cool air. Her elegance was breathtaking; she reflected all that was beautiful in the world. She dived through the air and circled around the mouth of a cave that had been darkened by the approaching night.

Out of the darkness of the cave a moth stretched his wing waking from a days sleep. His wings were dark, long and masterful, and under those wings he possessed a strength that many souls could only dream of. Yet like all souls his heart was as delicate as any other.

That night destiny had spun a plan for these souls to meet and in an instant they sensed each others presence. Just with one glance the moth’s heart was enflamed by her beauty, and in turn the butterfly’s heart was engulfed by his strength. And so the sweet blossom of love breathed life into their lungs.

All night they flew together weaving in and out, and dancing the most wonderful dance. Like two souls released, they moved with life and life moved within them. The night was alive, as all the creatures of night sang for the beauty of their embrace.

Eventually, as ever, the sun had to raise but the new found lovers were drunk on love and where not ready to stop this serenade. They drifted into the twilight of the mouth of the cave, here it’s was not too bright for the moth yet not too dark for the butterfly.

The twilight of the cave was there constant, never was there a sign of day nor night, all there was, was their love. They had captured each others hearts, but my friend, hearts are not to be caught for they live for life. Yes it is true to say that you can love another too much and this is our tale as you will see.

Days turned to weeks and weeks to months, yet their dance continued, entranced by each others gaze. Their love stayed as strong as the day they had first met yet slowly but surely sadness grew in their hearts. Unknowing to the moth he had given all his strength to the butterfly and in return the butterfly had given him her freedom. No longer did the moth soar through the darkness of the night sky patrolling his blue land. No longer did the butterfly fly high in the blue sky embracing the beauty of the world.

Their hearts became weak and longed for life once more, yet their love was so deep they had lost sight of all but each other. Her wings became dull with the darkness of the cave and his body became frail without the adventure of the night. With this the beauty that each had possessed that had originally draw them together was now dead. They became lost within the darkness of the cave.

My friends the love of another is not enough to keep a heart going do not be mistaken. Our world is made up of love, it surrounds us, but when we look in but one direction there is never enough love to keep a heart alive. For love is a moving energy, look all around you will see. Seasons continually turn into each other, as the sea forever moves, all is a circle. Love is the flow of life and life is the flow of love and should never be captured.

A love that was so true now left each heart still and lifeless. The moth and the butterfly lay motionless on the floor of the cave embraced in each others wings. There they lay for many days until midsummer’s night. This night my friends is a most magical night were anything can happen. The sun is at her stongest and as we know the sun is a bringer of life. Now, that evening as she set, her long gold finger reached depths that she could never usally touch. Reaching deep into the cave she set her sight on the dull limp wings of the butterfly. Reaching as hard as she could she touch her wings with the tips of her fingers.

The warmth stirred the butterfly out of her rest. Her wings felt life once more. As the setting suns finger began to shrink back the butterfly’s heart was called to the beauty outside. She looked back to the moth lying still, and with sadness in her heart she knew what she had to do. For she knew in her heart that love was not about bonds. As the sun called her fourth it was then and only then that she understood love. She thought to herself, it is true; love is a dance form dust till dawn when two souls embrace. Though this embrace cannot be tight, for wings are delicate and can be crushed, and if this becomes so the freedom of the spirit will be no more.

With sadness in her heart she kissed the moth goodbye, a tear fell on his soft face causing him to stir. He awake just in time to see the wings of the butterfly, ablaze with beauty once more, disappearing into the brightness of the sun. Once outside her wings grew strong and before she knew it she was far away riding on the cool air of the approaching night.

The moth lay still until the sun had finally set. With the only strength he had left, he lifted his body up and out into the night. The moon was full, deep and blue; her cool light soothed his wings. Once strong enough he lifted his wings, the night filled his lungs with strength and he took off soaring into the adventure of the night. So these souls were free once more.

It is true to be said my friend that from then on our lover’s souls were not always free and sometimes burdened with sorrow. This sorrow was soon soothed as they knew in their hearts that one another were now alive and free. On cold nights their hearts would be warmed by the love they shared and that would last for eternity. They knew now that life is like a flowing river that you have to ride. There is much to explore all around you yet nothing is as beautiful then the company of another. Yet if you really love another you will never allow your boats to drift too closely, for we all have different rivers to ride some together and some alone. We must never lose sight of the beauty all around us and our own river that we must ride.

The ballad of the butterfly and the moth


Cunha, Brazil

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A very short childlike story about the lesson of learning what true love is. Understanding that if you truly love someone sometimes you have to be able to let them go.

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