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Photography is my passion. Since I was a wee toddler visual has always excited me. As much as I love writing, photography is a profound...

Thrilled to be back ... !

Thrilled to be back …

It is beyond wonderful to be back at RedBubble. Even if I have to go to the Library, months will never pass by again. I’ve missed posting every day, ‘My 365 Day Personal Project: “Commitment to Discipline” – I love the challenges. When I left even the copyright symbol eluded me. When I tried to post a long journal post the other day, it disappeared. arrrgh! I’d been writing it in my head for weeks, so anxious to get back.
Cut and paste seems the way to go when it comes to the journal.

I was showing some photographs in a gallery this past year but couldn’t get my computer to come up with a copyright symbol on any program. Then a friend sent me a photo from my series “Fury of the Gods.” It came with a black (ugly) frame around it that wasn’t included by me. I mentioned it and he said “Oh, I didn’t do that. It was on a website (pixar?) with the frame already on it.” Whoa, how did it get there?? Still haven’t seen it. Completely baffled. It’s an editing website which I couldn’t get in w/o joining.
I went to © Joe Beaseley for help, and he was amazing. Thank you Joe! I couldn’t get Windows, Adobe or Picasa to work. Then © Cynthia Schnackel kindly reached out to me, now I can do a copyright symbol standing on my head. Thank you Cynthia! And I want to thank my new RB BFF, Jane Brack, for double-checking my profile page a hundred times as I tried to say “Don’t touch!” with one of these … ©.

Most of all I want to thank the Aussie Goddess, Saraswati-she, for bringing me here and not giving me a pass for not posting photos. Wherever she could find me, email, FB – I would receive a message – “Why haven’t you posted anything on RB?”

I am thrilled to be back, to see Marcelle’s babies, new challenges – and the amazing, beautiful, inspiring, diverse work, in words and pictures.
Massive computer woes still haunt me, a full hard drive and failing external hard drives – but will NOT keep me away! I’ve worked out a way to download from the camera and use a flash drive instead of my full to the brim 8 gig C:\ OS hard drive (plus (3 ex hdds and 4 flash drives!) Clouds – well, not interested in clouds. Maybe a rainbow lol. I am back and will remain! Thank you RedBubble, you are in my heart. And thank you Saraswati-she for the gift of RedBubble. Thrilled to be back amid all the friends, challenges and art that entails.

With so much love,

© Elizabeth Norcross

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