#1 ~ Hello Exceptional Ekphrasis Artists! ☺


Hi guys! ☺

I know I could GMAIL and I will I promise but this is my First communication with you all so I thought I would do it as a journal – then it will always be about for reference if you just automatically delete Gmails from your bubblemail box! ☺

While I’m on the subject of Gmails, I hate them! lol
I know to run a group smoothly they are necessary but really who ACTUALLY reads them?
Ok ok ok …. I do …. and I love Michael Birmingham WP ‘s ones for his War group they get my attention and make me laugh! [slightly "Dad’s Army"-ish for those not in the know! lol] Oh to write like that ☺

But I like how Jen Whyte does just one Gmail a week in her role hosting the the Scots are Coming Group

Having said that I also wish to acknowledge my admiration for Ms Sally Omar who co-hosts many groups but especially for standing in and taking over the reins of the Bits & Pieces Group when the awesome Pagly was forced to drop out when involved in a car accident last Easter. I am happy to say she is one of our members, the first Ekphrasis Writer [next to adgray – even beat her to the punch of posting a written piece] and has offered me her assistance and help ☺ [But I am not asking her to co-host this group ~ she has enough to do ☺ I was really happy to feature her work and to feature her. ☺

Now about the features :
The art I have featured up at the moment is to give examples of what I expect from this group. I’m still inviting artists to join and submit their work that I have seen in my bubbling that fill the criteria to then feature and clarify the definition I’m looking for.

Also I want to feature our artists as more focus than the art for the most part. I’d like to have seven a week [ I didn’t think I could do that yet but I already can! ☺ ] The artists don’t have to have had an Ekphrasis art actually submitted. The idea is to have like a stable of artists in here that people can view the galleries of and find inspiration for creating Ekphrasis.

I’m also hoping to run a challenge each season [or month if it goes well] to get you all to create an Ekphrasis from each other’s inspiration and then the winners will combine their pieces into one art to load for the avatar. Is that OK?

As for challenges ….. uuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmm <] ? I don’t want to flood you all with Gmails asking for submissions and then for voting! [I don’t have that much time really! <) ] But if they come along then I’ll run them ☺

But then if the co-hosts would like to run one …..
May I introduce the co-hosts? ☺
adgray ~ for starters …. We-e-ell what can I say about her? [nothing without sounding pretentious! lol] For those who don’t know Chookas and adgray are one in the same writer! ☺ pseudonyms one for the writing and the other for the collection of my Ekphrasis work … hence why Chookas is the pseudonym that is running the EEG
Now I also have Skik in here as a host but he has also explained it is just to safeguard things if anything goes pear-shaped for me but he’d rather just leave it up to me.

But I also have the assistance of the awesome photographic artist Tim Everding and I can’t wait for his input ☺
Together we created a brilliant example of Exceptional Ekphrasis Art ~ I wrote “Lost” to his “Mystery” and then we created “Mystery-Lost” which [for need of something at the time] is our first avatar and the inspiration for the idea of how to choose the avatars.

So that’s the housekeeping for the moment …. Except I must gripe once now and hopefully avoid griping later [and no I don’t want any gripe-water thanx! ☺] I am a firm believer of educating before punishing so this is what I will get angry about if it’s not followed. You dont want me to put on my angry face do you? ( >{ !! ) <<[ that’s my angry face lol☺]

I can’t stress enough that we must adhere to the rules we have Submitted to RB when applying for the group and I am also extremely careful when it comes to the possibility of any Copywrite infringement issues ☻ So everyone PLEASE read the damn rules !☻

If you are just visiting or have not joined our wonderful EEG and my rules and grumpy face haven’t put you off please feel warmly invited to join where indicated under the rules

BUT Take Note!! I’m only going to say it once! We are all adults here and artists or not I haven’t time for petulance, so be responsible for your actions and no boo-hooing if I don’t accept your work. If you feel you did comply with the guides then by all means bmail me and explain it and perhaps I could suggest how to redefine it on the description and then you can resubmit it. But if you just keep badgering me without clarification then you’ll force me to go find out how to remove people & block if need be but I don’t want to do that <(

Right now please don’t make me put on my angry face ( >{ !! ) again ok? ☺
There now I think that’s everything but I don’t want to finish on a sad note so here’s a quote I happen to love ☺

“Smile and the world smiles with you cry and you cry alone,
But if you laugh then it is infectious, Imagine the growth of such an illness sown!”

Chookas! X☺X


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