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I’ve had some time and energy and focus to add some more images to my portfolio. I’m gradually getting the hang of this thing. Yay me. Been lovely to get all the comments from those of you who’ve dropped by. I’ve been inspired by so many of you and your work to take mine just that bit further. I experimented some more last night with effects and came up with the golden number, Dazzle . I love working with these image manipulation programs.

Anyway, need to get some non-photographic art projects underway today. It’s wet and grey, the cat’s asleep on the printer, and it’s quiet, so I might as well get going. :-) Got some nice pink felt for one project so that will be the first one I start.

Counting down the days to my driving holiday to Adelaide. Will bring every camera in my possession and hope I can stop along the way to take some shots. And I hope most of all for some great weather! Must check the long term forecasts. I’ve never been to the Fleurieu Peninsula or the Hills, so will be spending some time in both of those areas. Kangaroo Island might have to wait for another time, though. Good to have something to look forward to.

Pottery tomorrow and a couple of projects to start there, too, since I’ve finished my big pot. I will be busy! I do so enjoy seeing my visions become real, though. Like this house, which is nearly finished on the inside for this stage, anyway, and the jumpers I knit. And the garden.

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