Got some cards

I got two cards today that I had ordered a little while back. They are from WitheringMoon’s portfolio and I’m very happy with them. Boop Love #2 is especially gorgeous. I shall be framing Betty and putting her with my other stars of the screen pictures (so far: Christopher Walken, Kimba the White Lion, Astroboy, Nick Cave). So good!

As for my portfolio, I’m getting the hang of the file sizes that work and am revisiting some of my images to revise them in this regard.

Been looking at some courses at Artella . I think I shall try this course and see what happens. I feel I need a direction in life other than the one that involves housework and maybe this can help. If it’s not right, it will lead to what’s right. Or at least fun! :-) Oh, well. Off I go.

Heck! Is that the time? Better not be late for my appointment….Wheee!

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