My First Ever Studio

For the first time in a while, I am actually looking forward to moving. Because I am finally the proud owner of my very own studio space! It’s taking up a third of our shed and has lots of light.

My partner and a wonderful handy-person we employed have been very good with making it work for me. But I didn’t know it would be so time-consuming to make all those little decisions about where the shelves, where the sinks, where the benches etc. would go. I have never had a space like this and going through the process showed me just how broad the vision I have had is. I still don’t know if the way I’ve arranged things will work, or whether I have enough room to work and to store materials, but I am so thrilled with it!

For the walls I chose a light, lime green paint, like a pale wasabi colour and added an off-white trim and ceiling. The floor is the existing wooden one. I love the colours and feel inspired and fresh when I walk in. Just what I need when I want to create!

The storage is made up of a whole lot of recycled furniture, some of which I could not find a place for a few years ago and kept in storage as I could not sell it and could not bear to just give it away. Perhaps there was a reason that that way was blocked!! I have just enough cupboards and the fact that they are all different adds to the character in the room.

I have wonderful views from the windows. And some steps lead to an outside area where I can sit and contemplate the rural scenes around me and take in inspiration from the gums and the penstemon border I have planted nearby. I shall sit on the steps and look out on the world or think about what to do next, while sipping on a cup of something. I love it!

So I will be packing this week and making the shortest trip I’ve ever made in a move to unpack and find a place for everything. I can’t wait to get it sorted and start using the space.

I wonder if I should plan an opening celebration to christen the place! Even if it’s just me and the cats and a glass of sparkling wine to mark the occasion….:0)…such fun….

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