A New Year Reflection

2007 has turned out to be such a great year, looking back, especially in terms of opportunities for expanding my creative outlets.

Finding Artellaland was totally fabulous and has had me doing some really enjoyable work with collage and digital art techniques. And discovering Artists’ Trading Cards has been immense fun, too: I really enjoy the challenge of working inside such a small space. Perhaps my one intention this year is to become more involved in the community side of things, interact more with the other artists there. And there is a tutorial I want to write and share with others there. It shall be done!

And of course getting into Redbubble has made such a difference for me in terms of my view of my own work. I have also learned so much from others and been inspired to keep going with this hobby of mine. Most of all, I love the opportunity to just immerse myself in the gorgeous work that comes out of the RB community. I intend to keep on experiencing and enjoying this nexus. I’m not very good at getting into and becoming involved in the forums here, either, though. I enjoy reading them and have gained lots. What and how to give back, though. I shall ponder this!

And starting pottery classes has allowed me another opportunity for “beginner’s mind”, even though I did some pottery classes when I was a teenager. I am finding it quite difficult to take in all the intricacies of this new craft. But after only six months, once a week, I can’t really expect to be a master yet. I started this class with a view to making just one item and then more and more ideas came as I continued, so I will just have to keep on going!!! I have missed the classes during the holidays and I don’t start back until February. I have tried to do some work at home, but it isn’t really the same. However, I did have a great time dealing with my resistances on the couple of occasions I did work at home. So maybe next time will be better for me. I shall schedule an extra day per week or fortnight to spend some time on projects at home this year. And I shall make a point of continuing to enjoy what I have already created. I feel really satisfied with my creations so far.

Finding cheap wool on ebay has allowed me to do much more knitting than I would ordinarily be able to afford to do. I couple this with my love of movie-watching. I do so like to see how both the movie and my knitting turn out in the end! And finding free patterns on the net has also allowed me more choice of projects. What a great hobby. I’m so glad I learned how to do it all those years ago and I am soooo grateful to those who have provided those lovely freebies for my crafting pleasure. I shall attempt to design a knitting pattern myself this year and share it with others for free, in return for what I have received.

Even being involved in renovating our house has been a wonderful creative act. The spaces we have designed work really well and our house is becoming more and more of a pleasure to live in each day. And if I ever have to have anything to do with builders again, I will do a lot better than I did this time!!! Landscaping the backyard is the next project there. Should be a hoot….

Well, that lot ought to keep me going. It’s going to be a busy year, I think. Must intend some holidays and downtime, too, to recharge those batteries now and then.

Still, I’m enjoying the view from this end of the stretch of time ahead called 2008. Here’s to all you Redbubblers for a happy, safe and fulfilling New Year!!! Cheers….and thanks for being there and doing what you do so well.

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