Abstract Favourites

I have quite a few delicious abstracts (or, well, images which I perceive to have an abstract quality to them) in my favourites list and so shall share a few for those who might have missed them in their travels:

Accidental Fractal by Cathleen Tarawhiti …Like a beautiful phoenix or a golden bowerbird.

The Wave by gypsygirl …Reminds me of guitar strings…

EGG84 by TheEggman …So many beautiful egg-shaped abstracts here.

The Elements by ch3rrybl0ss0m …Lovely colours!

Untitled by Catherine Doherty

Protest by Michael Kienhuis

ink by kathleen …Lovely shiny blobs of ink a feature!

Stairway to Heaven by marieancolie

The Secret by Jacqueline Haberer

White Bubbles by micmac

Untitled by David Librach

Dream Scraps by mawaho

Ridged by Paul Bradley

Untitled by Morten Bentzon … Reduces a beach to bands of colour and creates something new

Thanks to all those artists who’ve given me so much visual pleasure and inspiration! Not all of you labelled your work as “abstract” and maybe not all of the examples in my list fit the strict definition. So it’s pretty subjective, is what I’m trying to say! My idea of abstract…sorry if it offends! Please Bubblemail me, if necessary!

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