Pottery ponderings

Hm, I’m working towards a joint exhibition with my other classmates in pottery school. It will be my first ever exhibition and it happens in January. Items for inclusion have size restrictions as they will be displayed in a glass case at a local library. I have made some planters with interesting textures on them which also reflect my soul, I think, in that it is many-layered and faceted. I shall photograph them of course and perhaps post them here and in my paper journal.

In the meantime, I am feeling flustered, as I often do when faced with a deadline. I get all excited and fearful and “what-if-y” and none of my fears come to pass and I feel exhausted. I am aiming to get to this deadline, though, with about four items at least to submit and I have until the first Friday in December to get them made and ready for a bisque firing. Flustered or not!!! I am pretty sure I can do that, as long as I don’t change my mind too much. Oh, well, if I fail, too bad: at least I had fun trying! And I will have at least three pieces to put in, either way. Oh and some little ceramic buttons and mosaic feature “tiles”.

I think my pottery teacher thinks that I’m onto something with the planters, as she keeps telling me that people are full of compliments about them and perhaps I ought to make some for sale. Right on, I say. I know someone at a local nursery who might be interested in taking some on consignment and perhaps I will sell some through the exhibition. It’s an exciting thought. I remember being so happy when my grandma and an uncle both bought some pottery from me when I was about 18, stuff I had made in the classes I was doing then. It was a positive experience for me, so I would enjoy having it repeated. Naturally, if the worst happened, I would enjoy that, too, as it would be yet another growth experience!

So, I’m really looking forward overall to this thing in January and will try not to get more picky than I usually am, keeping in mind the stuff is hand-made, and is allowed to look like it is.

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