And then there were three...

I found out last week that I am pregnant!
This is good news, as opposed to tests done several years ago where I would wait very anxiously for the second red line not to appear on the stick I had so gracefully peed on. So, I am 26 years old and not convinced I have grown up myself, let alone capable of bringing up a child. But in any case I have decided to go ahead. Well, not just me. I am married, have been for just over two years. My husband is 31, five years older than myself. Perfectly normal now but rather scandalous in my parents eyes at least back when we met when I was 16 and he was 21. I still remember the scorn on my mothers face when she told me he was only “after one thing” tee hee… aren’t we all at 16 and 21 respectively. So ten years later and we are still together, which I believe in itself is pretty amazing.
Husband works as a manager in a finance institution, approving loans and managing a lending team and me in marketing for a Medical Journal… with daily surprises and stethoscopes into the evils of the pharmaceutical industry. I am probably the worst person to be in this industry with my well formed sense of cynicism but in any case, work here I do.
So anway, I am 5 weeks or there abouts and go back in two for a scan where I will be able to see a teeny weeny tadpole. This is very exciting.
If its a boy i will name him Oskar. I know he will get called Ozzie and the irony of this is not lost on me ( I am from NZ).
If its a girl I cant decide. I like names beginning with A…‘Alba’ (a character from one of my favorite books) and ‘Ada’ (my grandmothers middle name) and ‘Isabella’ until I found out that was the most popular girls name in 2007.

I already feel like my brain is foggy, dusty. I have an insatiable urge to clean things and clear out things I dont need. Both at home and in my office. As much as it makes me feel like such a girl, I cant wait to decorate my spare room as a nursery. Sigh.

Six months ago I was happily partying on in Sydney like there was no tomorrow. For the last eight years I have lived my life with hedonistic abandon. Clubbing, festivals, parties, drug taking, drinking exclusively to get drunk and watching sunrises in hazy mind states have been nothing but blissful fun for me. I am now ready to move on and see what else life has to throw at me. Wish me luck. Fingers crossed


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