UPDATE: A Letter from Cheyenne (Dec. 20. 09)

Letting all who visit my Journal, or have Me on Your Watchlist, that I am not here on Redbubble that much at the moment. I’ve been, for the most part, dormant.

The Holiday rush, and Life (which is wonderful, no problems ;) Whoop!) Have kept me very busy.

I haven’t taken many pictures lately, so nothing worth posting yet, but maybe someday soon=)

I will add new artwork randomly as my eye and my lense catch something worthy of Redbubble.

I Hope to have new artwork posted by mid-January/early-February.

As of me being back on Redbubble full time, that is unspecified. I may just have to set aside a ‘Surf Date’ to go through my feeds. *-)

I check my feeds as much as possible, and have seen all the beautiful artwork in the thumbnails, good job to all of those on my watchlist! Beautiful artwork.

If you have commented on something, and have not received a reply, my apologizes. The comments may have gotten lost in the shuffle.

As I usually do when I am absent from Redbubble, I may (will most likely) make watchlist cut backs removing some of You guys. Please no hard feelings, if I cut you from my list it doesn’t mean I no longer like your work, I will most likely add you back to my list when I am on RB more. It’s mainly just to make it easier for me to scan through and see what I may have missed.

If there is something that you wish me to see, please Bubblemail me, I will try to get back to you.

I will also be favoriting works that I would normally comment on (if I don’t have the time to comment) If I do manage to comment, it may be short, just to let you know.

As for my bubblemail, I acknowledge the mail, and read it, but as You’ve read, I may be too busy to reply back (especially a longer reply)

Thank You to all who have recently added Me to Your Watchlist, it means so much to Me.

Thank You for all the comments, views etc I appreciate the fact that You guys (with Your busy lives) can take the time out to visit my page on this grand site. ;)

Again, Happy Holiday’s to all, hope You and Your Families are well.

_Please keep warm, be safe, be merry, kind & courteous, and by all means, keep those *camera shutter’s busy! =)_*
Sincerely- Cheyenne.

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