In Case You Are Curious...

Hello to all my fan and followers! =)…

I have missed all of you and are taking a moment to explain my very long absence from Redbubble.

Roughly four years ago … I had major laptop issues which sent me offline, for what I hoped would only be a short while, but due to unforeseen circumstances and various laptop and internet issues, I have not been able to post any new work. And have not been able to even check my Bubble since then.

Having said that I apologize for any comments I’ve missed and any feelings my absence may have caused.

I am currently not at a point where I can begin to upload photos at a regular pace, however I may post a photo or Journal entry here and there, so please don’t forget to check back =)

I am amazed as to how much RedBubble has grown, the new members, all the differ

UPDATE: A Letter from Cheyenne (Dec. 20. 09)

Letting all who visit my Journal, or have Me on Your Watchlist, that I am not here on Redbubble that much at the moment. I’ve been, for the most part, dormant.…

The Holiday rush, and Life (which is wonderful, no problems ;) Whoop!) Have kept me very busy.

I haven’t taken many pictures lately, so nothing worth posting yet, but maybe someday soon=)

I will add new artwork randomly as my eye and my lense catch something worthy of Redbubble.

I Hope to have new artwork posted by mid-January/early-February.

As of me being back on Redbubble full time, that is unspecified. I may just have to set aside a ‘Surf Date’ to go through my feeds. *-)

I check my feeds as much as possible, and have seen all the beautiful artwork in the thumbnails, good job to all of those on my watchlist! Beautiful artwork.

Another SALE!!

June, 10th 2009.

Sold a Matted Print of my Witches Moon!

Thank you so very, very much to the person who bought this picture! I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. =) =)

The black was my choice, I don’t know what color the person bought it in. =)

Again thank YOU so very, very much!!! Have a great Summer. =)


11,115 Views!!!!!! Since October 2007.

_10340 views _ on my Art work!

Journal = 304

Writing = 471

As of April, 22nd, 2009! =)

In Total 11,115 Views in all!! =)


Hello all, I have three things I wish to ask and to see if anyone can help me.…

how do you take a save or copy a page such as the featured artwork in a group or on the homepage and place it on my artwork?

I’ve seen it done when someone is featured on the homepage. I wish to learn so I can do a copy of the Texas group and keep where my artwork is featured and save it on my page.

Another one is *how
do I copy and paste a URL or code from a website so I can show the picture?

I’m trying to do it where I can show the Flag Counter on my Homepage. from

How do I shrink artwork to make thumbnails so I can put it on my homepage under featured artwork?

Please, if you can help me, put the number by your answer so I know what you are helping me with. Show me how to do it and please

Featured Artwork of Cheyenne

Thank you Each, to the Groups and Hosts of those groups for finding my Artwork Feature worthy. I am very honored, and thank you very much every time I see that word : Featured and it’s on my artwork. =)…

Below are the Artworks that have and are still being Featured.

Purple Tree [February 2009] A Fantastic Purple Group

Red Cardinal [February 2009] Texas Group

Texas Ghost [04-03-09] Ghostly Images Group

Same Texas Ghost picture that is Featured in Ghostly Images Group, but is stretched to be better viewed.

Tower of the Americas [04-05-09] Texas Group

Angel Rays [04-11-09] Reaching Out: A Christian Mission Group

I’ve Got My Eyes On You [04-28-09] Deer Me!!! Group

Links to the Groups.

Note: All of the Features and/or pages may change and are still there as of today, April 5, 2009. Subject to

SOLD!!!! A MUST READ!!!!!!!!!!!

OH WOW! This is nuts. I so want to thank the person who bought my Card!!!!!!!!!! My Stairs In the Lighthouse (3) Oh wow! I feel like I got an award or something. :) This is so crazy. I know it’s just a card, but this is my first sale EVER! Oh you don’t know what this means to me. Thank you so much. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you X-Million! WOW! Ahh, Alright, I’m going to go now. Thanks again who ever you are. I hope you enjoy this card. And that it doesn’t make you dizzy. LOL. PEACE- CHEYENNE!

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