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Im Jeff A 28 years old and I live In the southern california dessert.
growing up in this place was allways a story waiting to happen , surrounded by gerry’s{ OldfOlks} who flock to the palmsprings area for the warm summers and overpriced food and service.

which is where I come In- after graduating with my BA In englishcomp/poli sci I said screw grad school{ was excepted to ASU/calpoly/berkley} and persued a Life On the rail_so I moved to The Northern coast Of california and began Driving locomotives and moving railcars: This Is where I first Noticed the beauty Of mundain Life sitting behind the controls OF ageless Iorn and steel.
I would glance OUt My window and watch Life As I would journey down the tracks- sadley Im knowwere near any trains anymore and for the first time in almost 25 years I go to sleep without hearing thier wistles. But IT was MY constant awareness of My enviroment that fueld My need to capture these moments.

Of course Moving Back home to palmsprings after family tragedy has left my pocketbook light and my thirst for Peacefullness Like that I found On the rails even greater.
I Now Live Lightly off of gratuitys Handouts and donations.
some of us have it
most Of us dont.
I could never afford a camara-So I never took pictures.

countless shots wasted I know Now-thinking back on the images I’ve seen.
So I find My Self shoping for new gear In the most lIkely of all places thriftstores.
I would come across old 35mm’s and geniric digi’s all the time, But the great thing about thriftshopping In a community as wealthy and Lazy as Palmsprings Is the New Unused Items People donate simply for lack of Knowing how to use the product.

There It IS Brand new sonymavica cd-1000 Stickers from the showroom floor still intact with the Box and manuels to boot.

SOmeone forgot to buy the Cd-r’s and after the one that came with the camara was full decided to throw it out.

A little bardering and $5 u.s. dollars later I Am starting out all over again- this time catching everything that comes my way.

a small online search and my 3in cd-rs are In my pocket – I’ve Had The cam for No more then 2 weeks.
a Lifetime Of Photo Ops If you ask Me..
All I see NOw IS how this or that would look with the right lighting and the perfect moment to make it last forever in still frame.
Ive taken almost 600 pics ANd Only used 3 of my 50 cd-rs which I got for

ALL things considered I look forward to this place.

JEfferY R.

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