starting 2008

All over the world, the people watched the clock. With each ticking of the minute hand, the New Year draws closer. Then finally it strikes and the old year is over and the new year begins.

Starting 2008 may be a non event. But it is a big thing if some of us face the uncertain world. We do not know how the subprime and credit crunch would work itself out. We are not taking of billions of non recoverable funds but trillions. And to add to the mind buggling figures, we have the risk of inflation in the face of low interest rate environment. But the Fed cannot increase the rate. Not now and surely not in the next few years…maybe never.

What’s the implication?

Think of nothing, Think not of credit or debt financing. Think isolation. But the finance world cannot be isolated. Starting 2008 would be most interesting. There will be several changes in the political scene. President Bush will end his term. A new order will begin and along with it, several countries will emerge stronger. China will continue to be the powerhouse for 2008 and well into 2010.

Life without borders would be a reality. You can see and feel the loss of lives and important leaders at the same time it happens. Youtube is amazingly funny and we will all learn to laugh at ourselves.

Enjoy the New Year

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