I Sold My Soul to Satan, Parts I, II, and III.

I stood before the bathroom, my eyes closed, mind tracing every sound of the inhumanely loud speaks blaring from the living room. The putrid smell of Ketamin raised from the crack beneath the door. I opened my eyes, to stare at the heartache before me. The door happened to be a most sickening color green. The paint was old and chipping, the hinges rusted and braking. This place had been devoured by years gone by. I felt a tear fall from my cheek. I was so afraid. Did I dare enter?

I knew Jason was in there. I knew he needed my help, but it was almost as if something was holding me back. Something mental more than physical. However, the pain soon caught up. My stomach cramped, my palms began to sweat, and I squinted my eyes so tight that they were nearly shut once again. I didn’t want to go in, but he needed me. No one else would do anything about this.

I pushed past my gut feeling and entered through the door. Six stalls all of them deteriorating and looked like something you’d see in a modern day horror film. The above lights swung back and forth on their final lifelines. Some of them flickering, others completely burnt out. I took in one quick breath and made a step forward. Progress. I noticed the one stall that stood out, the one with the door half cracked. That may be his final resting-place.

I slowly took one step after the other, bracing myself for what I’d find. “Jason.” I called. No response. “Jason…” I then noticed I was only whispering. I was choking on my tears. This was more difficult than I had expected. I pondered if I should turn back and just notify the police. Yet, I knew I couldn’t. It was far too late. I kept walking, staring ahead. The small room seemed to grow larger and larger before me. I saw that there was a barred window on the wall ahead. A bright street light shown through, and the glare caught my eye.

“Jason!” I cried out. Tears now flowing. “Answer me!” Still nothing. The silence was returning. I once again felt invisible, nearly helpless. I could barely hear the music from outside the walls at this point. I took a look at my current surroundings as I pressed forward. A broken mirror, a molded sink, the same hideous green colored walls. I was disgusted at it all, ashamed at myself. I felt the tears sting my face. Just then, I heard a moan. One of agony.

I put everything to the back of my mind as I rushed forth and pushed open the stall door. “Oh…my…God…”

There he lay. Body mangled, completely torn to shreds. His clothing had been mauled. He was beyond repair. I wondered, “How is he still alive? What had they done to him?” I could barely recognize who he was. His face was so pale, his eyes closed so tight. He was in immense pain and the helpless feeling arose inside of me again.

He had laid his head on the toilet seat, for that was the only comfort he had in this moment. His once gorgeous, long brown hair flowed inside the disgusting brown water. I ran into the stall beside him and threw up. The smell of beer infested puke and the already unsanitary toilet did not combine so well.

I ran back to him. I held him close in my arms as he continued to groan and cry in torment. There was nothing I could do. There was no help I could provide. Just the resting-place of my arms was all. He attempted to wrap his own around me, but I pushed them down and told him to rest. I promised him that I’d get him out of this, that I’d be behind him all the way. He had nothing to fear.

He never knew I couldn’t keep that promise to heart, and neither did I. I felt strongly inside that I’d manage everything I could to make him all better. In the deep recesses of my mind however, the thought remained. The knowledge that I was still invisible to everyone else, to the world, and to myself. The drugs I had done, the alcohol I had bathed in, the sexual experiences of my past, all the sins of life were now laid before me. I had made a deal with the devil, and here he claimed me. In such a way that he knew would kill me.

As I held him, I cried into his shoulder. He cried in return. We cried a symphony of tears, and blood, as one.

It had been five months since the incident. I had gone back to leading my boring normal life, but Jason’s had turned upside down. After he went home from the hospital that night, he had become home-schooled. He couldn’t face the pressure he knew would be so intense if he were to go back now. He had made a few adjustments to his personal life, none of them good. He avoided everyone. He ignored his closest friends. He didn’t even go out in public unless absolutely necessary. He couldn’t bare the shameful looks of those he knew, and the even more pitying ones of those he didn’t.

It was January 16th, 2009. The new semester at Eastwood Academy had begun, and the oversized teenagers swarmed the halls, looking for their new classes. I am what you would call, a loner. I didn’t have very many friends, and the ones I did have were already part of some other group or “posse”. Jason was my best friend, the love of my life, and I was the only one who knew that. Everyone had their suspicions of course, because of the way we acted together, but they kept it to themselves. I had always prayed to God that Jason felt the same way. That somewhere within him, he was yearning to tell me his innermost feelings. I knew he didn’t love me though, and that pain would haunt me for eternity.

People were staring at me as I trudged forth through the crowds. Their looks of mercy and sorrow for my situation. They knew that for the most part, I’d be completely alone. Without Jason, I was nothing. I pulled out my cell phone as I rounded the corner to my first class of the day. “Maybe he’ll answer this time”, I thought to myself. Hah, what a pipe dream. I knew he didn’t want to talk to me. He was still devastated, mentally, and physically, and that’s when I decided to hang up the phone and put it away.

All of a sudden, it began to vibrate. I pulled it back out and looked at the white flashing screen. “1 New Message.” I flipped it open, and nearly freaked in front of my peers. For a moment, I had forgotten I was still in school. It read, “Alison. I’m sorry I haven’t called you. I’m sorry I haven’t visited, or even tried to talk to you. Things have gotten better for me now, and I think I’m ready to come back to my normal life. I miss you so much. I’ve missed you since the last time we saw eachother at the hospital…and there’s something I really need to tell you. Come see me after school today. I really mean it, I’m ready to be myself again.”

I couldn’t believe it. I scanned the message nearly ten times to prove myself that it wasn’t true. But it was. It was really Jason, and he wanted to speak to me. My stomach wrenched as the acid inside flowed. I was getting nervous, anxious, and concerned. I wondered all day long what he had to say to me, and I was near snapping point when the final bell rang. I was the first one out of the room. I ran to my locker, threw my junk in, and left. Homework, rule-sheets, that stuff could wait. He was the number one thing on my mind right now. I flew threw the parking lot, rushing past all the cars as I heard mine beep at me with the press of the unlock button.

I hopped in, and sped away. My problems escaped me as I thought about how great it was going to be to see him again. To hug him, to feel him wrap his caring arms around me. My mind wondered through all these wonderful serene thoughts, when I realized I was at his house already. I looked up at the old castle style home, it looked more spectacular than ever. I slowly walked up his driveway, across the stone walk, and came to a halt at is door. Before I had the chance to knock, it opened and there stood his mother. “Come on in Ally, Jason’s in his room.” She greeted me with her perfectly brilliant smile. I’d always loved his mother as if she were my own, she was just too kind not to appreciate.

I climbed up the stairway as memories came rushing back of us as little kids, playing games and tossing stuff from one story of the house to the other. “Haha.” I laughed out loud. This put a smile on my face. When I reached the top, I turned to the right and stared at his door. The nervousness was coursing through my veins now, more than before. I knocked as steadily as I could. “It’s me.” I whimpered. “Come in.” I heard him call. I turned the knob, and pushed the door open, shutting it gently behind me. I only looked down at the floor with my hands tied together behind my back. Such an innocent little stance for someone like me. I kept telling myself, “Look at him Alison. Look at him right now.” I demanded my body to turn, and I did. He was laying on his king-sized bed, under the covers; long hair caught up beneath him, as usual.

No words had to be spoken. It was as if someone was forcing me to sit down on the bed next to him. He sat up against the headboard and looked me dead in the eyes. “I’m so sorry.” He whispered. He lay his arm across my stomach and pulled me close to him. He nestled his head between the crevice of my neck and my shoulder. I let the tears fall down like rain as I held onto him ever so tight. I felt it then, I felt him move down slightly and begin to kiss my neck. “What’s he doing?” I thought to myself. I couldn’t move; it was like I was completely paralyzed. He had me in his hold.

I managed to slip under the covers as I continued to let him kiss me. When suddenly he pulled his head away and stared at me with such a look that I just knew it was passion. “Make love to me…” I whispered. That was all I had to say. We needed eachother in this moment, there was nothing we wanted more then to be joined as one. I had missed him so much, and I craved to have him close to me. It wasn’t like his mother would hear. She never stayed around the house when we were together. I knew by then she had already left to somewhere far away.

He slowly removed my clothes. My shirt first, as he kissed all down my body. Then my pants as he continued to let his tongue wander on my skin. He then shed me of my underwear, and proceeded to move down further and further. He kissed my inner thighs, working his way to the center. Juices flowed from between my legs. This felt so perfect. I felt, complete. He rose back up to meet my lips, as he slowly placed himself inside of me. With one thrust, my life was changed. I was no longer the sweet little girl I thought I’d always be. My virginity was now gone and I didn’t have a care about it in the least. At this point, we began to move together as one. Everything swirled in front of me. Here, the man I had always loved, was on top of me, making my body feel things I never knew were possible. It was so hot in the room, so romantic, everything I had hoped my first time would be and more.

It seemed to last a lifetime until finally, we came. I knew then, that this was only the beginning of the rest of my life. The life that I knew would be spent with Jason…

I Sold My Soul to Satan, Parts I, II, and III.

Kellie Johnson

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Not your average love story. ;]

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