Breaking the Sound Barrier

Your eyes capture mine across the bar
the place is a den of human noise
blurry and out of focus
glasses banging against each other
bodies weaving around chairs and tables
Fuck Her Gently by Tenacious D
piping into the room through hidden speakers
Not you though.
You stand like a portrait of still life
unblinking eyes that bore into mine
and a spark that ignites
yes it does

I don’t know who you are
But I know precisely what you are thinking
we recognize each other in that moment
the signature of our heat and smell like a lost language only we can read.
I know what you are
it says.

In one blink
you are standing before me
not too tall, about 6 feet
broad enough to get lost behind
fitted blue t-shirt tucked into semi-tight jeans
one arm covered in a full sleeve tattoo
I note a pirate ship, a bull whip, a pool table with an eight ball
a tiger and flames…a canvas of ink
I push my eyes away to look up at your face
You are staring at my cleavage
which is a good thing, considering
I’m breathing pretty heavy now
I lean in a little, taking a guttural sniff at the nape of your neck
you smell like laundered cotton, sweet basil
and vermouth
I notice a small metal nipple ring
poking just ever so against the tight fabric of your shirt
my eyes are half-closed from the tranquilizer of your scent
a little dizzied, I reach up
grab the ring through the fabric
Pull and twist, tight, clockwise
The nail of my pointer finger traveling around your aureola
like a circular glass cutter.
You breathe in sharply through clenched teeth
take a half-step back, pupils dilating
and reach down to grab my hand.

We leave the restaurant, the noise receding behind us
like a distant engine on a two lane highway
The parking lot is vast
encompassing several restaurants, an entertainment center
and the back of a hotel
Your truck is parked on the backside of the movie theater
to the left of a long row of industrial trash bins
nestled behind concrete walls.
There are no street lights
no people
no other cars
You open the passenger door
and press me,
face down into the seat with my feet still on the ground
my butt jutting out of the doorway
You pull my black cotton skirt up to my waist
shove my panties aside
fumble at your belt
your jeans
until your cock is free and distended
With my face in the seat I cannot see it
but I feel its hard length against my ass and
its deadly obvious that you are quite large
so much so that the anticipation I have felt all along
the desire I cannot control
that always turns me into liquid gold
gives way
to something a little akin to fear, as I start to squirm beneath
that monster
(wondering if I can take it)
(wondering if you care)
With your groin pressed against me
you bend forward to whisper in a salty baritone
that I am

not to move a muscle, or make one sound, because you are going to fuck me, very hard, right here

My eyes squeeze shut at the sting of your hot breath
whipping my cheek
you insert several fingers inside me
and laugh in a low voice at how wet I am
and without another word
thrust your cock into me
my abdomen gets shoved into the corner of the seat so hard
the wind gets knocked out of me
in a whoosh
but you never stop thrusting
all the way in
all the way out
both of your hands are spread wide
clutching at opposite ends of the doorframe
you are fucking me thoroughly
with fury
and intent
that you don’t notice my feet are getting lifted off the pavement
and its all I can do to stifle the screaming that wants to pour out of me
because the feel of you
behind me
inside me
fucking me in such a filthy way
in the back of a parking lot
with the night air dancing along our skin
cooling our sweat
is just the kind of midnight twisting of flesh
I crave.
This impalement
This degradation
Its too much
too much of what I want from the moment our eyes met across that crowded bar
Too much.
Until I can hold back no longer
a scream like blistering molecules escapes my lips.

You stop.

I couldn’t help it I pant.

I told you not to make a fucking sound
your voice is a wedge of sing-song.

As punishment
you shove your cock hard, one last time
all the way up inside me
So far up that my lungs are sharing space with my throat
With one hand grabbing an ass cheek
your other, lifts
whipping through the air
landing sharply with a loud stinging thump
against my other ass check
and you repeat this
with even more force
and over
and over again
as you slowly begin again to thrust inside me
I am lost in a drowsy plane of smarting flesh
feeling every nuance of the flat of your hand
smacking welts across my backside
and over
and over again
feeling every inch of that long hard cock
inside me from behind
and over
and over again
until I can feel it building inside you
inside me.

When your release finally comes
your shuddering body sends me over
splits an orgasm down inside the deepest part of me
splits me
and it, open so wide
that my cries break the nights sound barrier
scares crows from the tops of trees
and time as a measurement of man
slows to nothing
leaving me limp and sobbing
sucking in every particle of air around me
as if it were my last.
You remove yourself from me.
Gently pull my skirt back down to my knees
Put your cock back in your pants
Zip the jeans, button the fly
Only to lean forward once more to kiss the back of my neck
and whisper in my ear
next time baby, are you gonna make a sound?

© 2008 cherrycake

Breaking the Sound Barrier


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Sometimes…a dark fantasy must be written down. So that it can be read and relived. And for anyone who hasn’t been spanked…and spanked hard, during a little romp, you’ve no idea what you’re missing out on!

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