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I’m a Pagan Disabled Artist in 2000 when i was diagnosed with fibromyaga. i took the desition to develop my own stile and aim to...

Hello All, sorry i'v not been active here lately

Hi Everyone, not for the first time i’ve not been very active as Life happens as they say. And its been an intresting few months not proffitable but worth while. Most of the last few months have been taken up with Album Cover, first for my friend Paul from Beneath the Oak who have play several of the pagan pride events i’ve put on and now are dear friends, and the second album cover came from this contact and one of those cases of strange conections.
It happened that at the same time the 60s Acid Folk band Spirogyra just happened to be in the studio and were planning to release a new album and so i recived a call and was given the job, no money as yet but it goes to the shops in the next ten days and is being released as a record as well as CD and hopefully a gatefold record to follow shortley with my artwork all over.
Apart from that i have lots of new artwork under way and even with the Fibromyalga playing up which i will share as and when i can love and light toyou all Cherrie Ann Button

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