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I’m a Pagan Disabled Artist in 2000 when i was diagnosed with fibromyaga. i took the desition to develop my own stile and aim to...

Wow My Works In Spellcraft

I cant belive it, and a big BIG thank you to all my friends here at redbubble.
Out of the blue i recived a copy of Spellcraft Magazine strate from there realm down under.
There was no covering letter or anything just the magazine so tentativly i opened each page of wonderful and inspirering artwork and there on page 55 is the Shamaness with the story the Magic of Masks, Wow it realy nice to see her there in all her glory and its realy given me a boost what with so many things changeing and coming to ahead at the moment. In five weeks are twins arrive so i doubt i will get much chance to upload stuff. And besides i want to take the time to enjoy them both as well as giving our Lewis some one to one time.
So whats next for CherrieB you may ask well artwise hopefully more magazines and other publications, so if you know anyone in the spiritual publishing bizz please let me know apart from that i’m doing two small childrens books “a cat called mouse” and “the odd sock fairy” both of which i have writen the word for, as for anything else we will have to see what the waves of life leave on the beach and take it from there by for now CherrieB

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