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I’m a Pagan Disabled Artist in 2000 when i was diagnosed with fibromyaga. i took the desition to develop my own stile and aim to...

Wishing you all a wonderful Yule and a merry new year

Its been a while since i added anything and i wanted to wish you all the best for the up coming exquinox, Yes Yule is hear once again i dont know if its me getting older or the year getting shorter, but time seems to have flowen this year and so much has happened.
And in many ways all my friends at Redbubble have been part of that, you’re comments and support have ment a lot to me, and as anyone with this illness i live with will tell you sometimes it just drags you down so far you wonder how you will ever get up again.
Having some where i can talk about it and show the work i now focus on really helps, and i keep all those great comments for those times when i’m down and they help so much its hard to put into words.
But i thank you all from the bottom of my heart and hope Yule will be a wonderful time for you all. talk to you all again soonish bye for now Cherrie

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