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I’m a Pagan Disabled Artist in 2000 when i was diagnosed with fibromyaga. i took the desition to develop my own stile and aim to...

I Cant Belive Some People Part 2

Well its been a few weeks and still the locals are out of control, last Thursday they finaly came and took my lovely little car off to have it repaired and left me with a courtasy car, and you guest it the little SOBs came back and attacked it all four tires this time and lump of concreet down both sides can you belive these people. So that has now gone away to be repaired as well and i’m having to use the bus again, not the easyist means of transport with a disability.
In responce we’ve been put in touch with the hate crimes unit of the police who are currently chaseing up all the agency and groups who job it is to deal with issues like this. So if all goes acording to plan they will be putting a hard standing where the front garden now is and putting up CCTV and new sercurity lighting all before my car returns on the 12th. Me being sceptical as always will belive it when i see it. So be warned they may yet be a part 3.

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