All About Cheri

A lot of this is in my profile, but thought I’d put it in here as well, for you all to read more about me. ;) After all I’m SOOOOOOOOO interesting…LOL (Kidding)

I am an amateur photographer that has taken photos all my life, but about 2 years ago I got a bit more serious with it and wanted to learn more and more about it. Which this took me to learning more and more about editing as well I enjoy editing photos as much as taking them. I’ve played in PS, ACDSee Pro and many other editors. I use PS for 90% of my editing.

I have been disabled for the past 10 years with a spinal injury and don’t get out and about much to take many photos other than in my own house and property. I have found I love Macro photography, especially flowers. But love to experiment with all types of shots. I live upstate NY in God’s Country where the landscape photography is endless, the sunrises and sunsets here are just outrageous as well as some clouds formations like I’ve never seen anywhere else. So I have all sorts of opportunities to take all types of shots.

I am happily married and have been for 23 looong years ;), we have one daughter, Megan which is 20 yrs old and attending College right now. I also have one dog, Princess of my own, and raising my daughters little LeeLa at the moment too, until my daughter can find a place where she can take her. :( We also have a TOM cat named Buddy and adopted two turtles when my daughter came back to live with us and my hubby raises Guppies. So you see we have a full food chain here…lol

I also have a lot of my photography in a Picasa Web site so my family and friends can view it. It is in case you wish to see more of my photography and family. It is there to share with everyone. Please feel free to leave me comments on any of the photos on there (And here too of course).

So have I touched on everything now since I’ve been asked by a couple of people to start a journal?

I am also a very friendly person and love to joke around…so if I don’t tease you, then I must not like you! lol I am hoping to meet a lot more people on here that I can tease! hehe

Hugz to all

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