50 more things you wouldn't know about me..

thought the other 50 things was great and thought i could better it at the expense maybe of being way to revealing?
I actually did this in a painting.. a self portrait with 100 things you dont know about me written in the background… and was shocked when it sold only because who would buy your portrait if it wasn’t your mum?
here it goes…

1.I’m the mother of five really naughty boys
2. one of them is autistic…which makes for an interesting time as a parent
3. grew up playing computer games and the atari but hate the kids xbox with a passion!
4.My father was military so I moved aound alot….a real lot!
5.I hate injustice.. burrs me up!
6.I hate beanbags… how the hell do you get out of them!
7.I also hate guinea pigs (hamster like thing) they bite!
8. I will swerve and nearly kill myself to avoid running over a hare or hitting a roo.. i hate to be responsible for road kill
9.I read far too many self help books… since they never really help!
10.I would turn gay for Angelina Jolie
11.I will stay hetro for Wentworth Miller
12.I swear like a truck driver… i should F@#!*$# stop it!
13. I love reality T.V. .. sad i know but survivour,idol,dance,biggest loser love ‘em!
14.I spend way too much time on computer!
15 I hate doing dishes… in fact i hate housework full stop!
16. I am a last minute girl… do everything at last minute!
17. Love music… cant paint without it (or drive or clean or…)
18.Cry at soppy movies, sad commercials, anything! what a sook!
19.Love to sleep! probably coz i dont get enough of it!
20.Love vegemite on toast! breakfast lunch or tea
21.Not much of a drinker… the years of 16yrs-22yrs cured me of that forever!
22.have travelled alot..all over the world (again father in airforce)
23.smoker..joker.. midnight toker, get my lovin’ on the run
24.magazine junkie… spend a fortune! (dont tell hubby!)
25. I own far too many handbags…but tell someone who cares!
26.Love ice cream, but can’t eat it coz of sensitive teeth!
27.always looking for peoples approval… need to stop that!(do i?)
28.can never remember jokes.. no matter how funny!
29.Dont like blood and gore.. will pass out!
30. Love money .. but never have any!(and when i do….spend it!)
31.hate talking on the phone… need that face to face business
32.suddenly realised how hard this is!! (bite off more than you can chew anyone?)
33.I voted Liberal.. i actually didn’t mind Howard
34.Hate the qld humidity… sweat and I dont agree with each other!
35.Love qld summer storm season though.. nothing like a lightning show every afternoon!
36.Hate Rhubarb!!
37. love broccoli (go figure)
38. paint contemporary but love classic in my home
39. not a cat person.. ok Garfield is ok
40.Dont ride horses… even though the hubby and kids do, I’m happy to be grounded and just feed them a carrot.
41.I can cook really well, and love to eat too
42.scared of failure… cannot happen here buddy
43.want some fame… but dont know if i’ll like it
44.Never have time to myself… who am i again? really miss it alot
45.was in Cycolone (cant spell) Tracy in Darwin ‘74 (just a baby)
46.I’m a blanket hog ( the hubby is a bed hog.. he has all the room and i’m wrapped up in the doona)
47.Love aboriginal art… dot paintings are mad!
48.I don’t suffer fools.. need people with brains or wit around me
49.fanatical about checking rain gauge after rain… this is what drought does to you!
50.Hate spiders!!!!! eight leggeded creatures from hell! and the funny thing is that my fear is not associated with the look of them (even though they are hideous) but the fear that they would climb on me …. ahhhhh those little bastards can move! getting the heeby geebies right now!

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