Karma vs Dharma (releasing the drama)

Let’s take a look at what karma is. Succinctly, it is an action or deed that starts the cycle of cause and effect. This can be carried through for many lifetimes or it can be resolved instantaneously. It is all about choice, honesty and clarity. Let me explain:

You’ve probably heard the saying ‘what goes around comes around’ and this sums up karma quite nicely. But for some, karma can be a scary, if not plainly an avoidable subject. It is a great source of discomfort and why? Because it demands that you go within yourself for answers – introspection is always difficult. We squirm at the thought of delving into our own psyche, akashic records or past life experiences for fear of what we might find or be faced with. The truth to any situation is found at the core of your being. You house every answer you seek, your very DNA serves as a computer hard-drive and stores the information of your entity and experiences throughout your existence – like the rings on a tree stump, your lives are recorded and stored and you can access this juicy information right now if you so wish. This, most certainly, can be unpleasant because you will be diving into what I like to call seed experiences (the start of a karmic attribute) but it is necessary soul work. If you do not address your causality then you will suffer the effect until you do address it. So it is like the old proverb ‘a stitch in time saves nine’ – a timely effort will prevent more work later on. So whether you decide to do the work now or later, the choice is yours but it will have to be done at some point, but postponing it only leads to greater suffering and denial.

If you can look at it more optimistically, it is like a treasure hunt – you are looking for clues to unravel the tapestry of your life and its microcosmic theatricals to unveil the macrocosmic self and its journey’s. This, if looked at in the light of consciousness, can indeed be an adventure. You will come across many synchronicities and pointers that will amaze you – how the divine matrix works to weave its multidimensional work of art – you, the divine shard of the Prime Creator. Hold back any judgment you may want to pass on others and yourself and just let what has happened rise to the surface to be examined, appreciated (give thanks for the lesson that you have learnt) and then let it go.

How does one go about embarking on this journey? You need to assess what is holding you back – any fears, phobias or blocks. When you do this, you can tackle one issue at a time so that you do not overwhelm yourself. It is best to reflect the given situation in meditation or set aside some ‘quiet time’ with yourself. So, for example, you are afraid of snakes – allocate yourself some time and a comfortable space where you will not be disrupted and focus on why you dislike snakes. You may come up with a few if not one obvious reason, it is a rational fear – some snakes are poisonous and can be deadly. But there are many animals that are dangerous that you may not be frightened of, so this cannot be the only reason for your fear. Sometimes we like to cling to the ‘obvious’ reasons because they sound like they might be feasible and it lets you off the hook, so to speak, for any more inner searching. Do not fall into this trap. There is a great word that is used to describe forcing a puzzle piece into place – fudging. The definition of fudging is to force a calculated result to give a better match to what happens in the real world. to fiddle with or otherwise alter something in order to deceive or remain noncommittal. You know when you are working from your inner truth, your place of integrity and if there is any doubt that you have not 100 % found the reason for your karmic attribute you will know this in your gut. This is where meditation comes in very handy. When you calmly reflect on an answer that seems to fit the question – meditate on it and if you have any feelings of discomfort in your solar plexus area (the gut instinct) then your answer is perhaps not fully complete and you will need further delving. If you are at a loss as to any remaining factors to your karmic attribute then you should call on your guides or angels for help through dreams or synchronicities and be patient as this can sometimes take a while. But be sure to look out for the signs when they are given and remember that everything in this 3D reality is a microcosm for the macrocosm. The most seemingly small and insignificant thing could be your trigger to remembering your core/seed issue.

I like to use the metaphor of the travelator, a moving walkway found in most airports, as a simile for karma. You are walking and walking but you are not getting to another level. It is like being on a conveyer belt. You get on with life and you repeat the drama of karma but you do not progress because you are stuck on the travelator. You can go for many lifetimes on this travelator and not even realize that you are not progressing because it seems like you are moving very fast. Indeed you can move around very quickly on the travelator but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are rising in consciousness. If you want to get to level 2 you need to get off the travelator and look for another device to elevate you. When you are ready to face your karma and to void the drama, you are ready to step off the travelator and take the escalator of dharma. What is dharma?

When you decide to resolve and disarm your karma you will move into a state called dharma. Dharma, in this sense, is simply getting back to basics and being present with the natural law of the universe. That ‘inner peace’ we all search for. It will always be found within and not without. Stop searching for dharma – it is already yours to claim. Step off the travelator of karma and ride the escalator of dharma.

But what if you fall off the escalator and land back on the travelator?

You will be tested, however, and karma – even when it is resolved – can, and most certainly will, be thrown at your feet time and time again for you to pick up and be drawn back into the wheel of drama. This is where you, from your calm centered place of dharma, will rise above the drama. You will be able to detect and single out your karma when you are aware of your programs and lessons and you will therefore recognize it and not engage it. Easier said than done? For sure, but with awareness comes clarity. When you can observe the nasty little head of karma as it seeks to lure you back into 3D reality dramas, you will be able to be the calm, grounded entity who knows thyself and you will say ‘no, thank you. I do not wish to step back onto the travelator’ and you can walk away. Yes, you can walk away! Now, who of you are stuck on this loop with family? Don’t all shout at once! You can still love your family by respecting their paths and lessons that need to reach completion but, in the same time, disengage from the drama if you so choose. Just remember, there is ALWAYS a choice. You can be the still presence in their lives – a place of unconditional love but a place of non-reaction. It is, of course, a test of strength and resolve – but anything this big is worth the sweat beads that may mount on your brow from effort to not retaliate. When you itch to get involved and to throw in your two pence – who is that? Is that the centered, dharmic human being or is that the ego based human being? The ego wants to be heard and wants to be right. So when you find yourself slipping into the stream of drama, remind yourself that your ego has now taken the reigns. You will shortly figure out that it is not worth it.

We are entities that are ever evolving, expanding and breaking down the boundaries of limitations in order to stretch our capacity to create and bring beauty into the universe. We can be masters but even masters are not afraid to learn or be tested. It is highly doubtful that we will ever stop learning and creating and with this will always come tests, restructuring and reassessing. Do not judge yourself as this can get you stuck on the karmic wheel. Dharma is a realization that you are one with all creation, a powerful creator god. When you fall back a step, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and acknowledge that you still have more lessons to learn – but don’t give up. There is a place within you that is magnificent, where you are whole and grounded. This is where your higher self resides, where you can go and rebalance and tune into the cosmos. This is the wonderful place within where you simply exist in harmony with yourself and your surrounds. It can be accessed 24/7 anywhere you ARE.

Welcome to Dharma and your impeccable self.

Karma vs Dharma (releasing the drama)

Cherie Roe Dirksen

Barrydale, South Africa

  • Artist

Artist's Description

A look at how to void karma and escalate yourself to a state of dharma.

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