Requiem writing competition

Cemeteries reflect not only the customs of civilizations but also our humanity. Never are our souls revealed so much as when we grieve for a lost loved one. Many of us feel at home among these monuments to the dead, and enjoy the solitude these open-air art museums afford.

This group showcases photographs of cemeteries, mausoleums and memorials as well as other works within our theme. Written works about death, solitude, loneliness, loss, etcetera are allowed, but will be moderated to ensure appropriateness.

Hot on the heels of our photography contest, we’re going to kick off the new Monthly Writing competition! The winner of this competition will be our featured on the Requiem Group’s home page for the month of August!

So until the 18th of July, there is a call for people to submit work that they think worthy of this privilege.

Shortly after that, 5 will be chosen by the group owners and voted upon by you, the members, with the winner being the one with the most votes.

Voting will open on the 22st July and close on the 31st July.

The piece of writing with the most votes will be featured on the group’s homepage for the month of August, and all 5 pieces will be featured in our featured section!

Please link your work in the “August Writing Competition” forum at:

Join Requiem now, and start submitting your masterpieces :)

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