Hello Ladies

Just to let you guys know I have to part with some of my beloved belonging due to financial problems. I have a scarf collection from the pre 80’s and also my gremlin collection. I am sad to see these being sold but I must. I would love if some of my friends have these things instead of strangers. The gremlin all came from Japan . Some of the silk scarves are new still with tags and very pretty. I dont sell out side of USA but if its a freind of mine I dont mind. The postage sometimes can be costly so please ask how much first if you are really interestede. Please check out some of my auctions. More scarves willl be going up later tongiht about another 10. More evry day until there are all gone but a very few. I have a collection of about 50-60.These are all vintage and in beautiful shape. I will send you more pictures if you need them. I will add more auction everyday so dont forget to keep looking

heres the link


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