I asked,and he answered.

I wanted to share this story,with those who have had their faith shaken…..When I was sixteen years old,my best friend who was 18 at the time,was murdered.I was suppose to stay at her house that awfull night ,but my great-grandmother wouldn’t allow it.I was mad at her for not letting me go,(the typical teenage response)so I spoke to her,and she was to come over in the morning.Well,the morning came and no carrol.I called over and over again.Finally someone picked up the phone,it was a detective,that happened to live across the street from me.I told him who I was,and he told me what had happened.I couldn’t believe it.I was angry.The funeral came and went,I couldn’t bring myself to go.I needed to get away,to think,to try to make sense of things.I was at the beach,staring at the ocean,thinking of a million things,if I was there,maybe this wouldnt have happened,I felt guilt of not saying goodbye,I asked god why?Is she ok…is she there with you…did you need her more than I did? Through my tears,I felt someone behind me.I turned around and there she was….sitting there,resting her chin on her knees,wearing her favorite red flannel shirt and jeans,smiling at me.I turned away and thought,great I’m crazy!I turned and looked back again….she was gone…no prints in the sand …nothing…some people might say I was imagining it….I say god answered me. :)

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