For Love of My Sister

Nothing was going to change. I only thought this because through the night, every night, a soft tap on my bedroom window would sound. When I arose to find out what was making the noise, it came to an abrupt halt. I’ve tried telling my parents about it but they just call me crazy and say that I don’t know what im on about. Tonight, I was going to leave my window open to see if that would stop the tapping. I sat on my bed, doing my homework, letting the warm breeze whisper through the curtains that covered my window. It was now just after nine o’clock. All my chores had been completed quickly but thoroughly before the time of eight. This tap only sounded on the strike of eleven. Just under two hours to go. Could I stay awake that long to find out what this sound was that woke me up every night since the death of my twin sister, Alison? My sister, Alison, had died at the age of seven. That was ten years ago. Every time I think about how she died, I keep blaming myself. I was on the other side of the road and I had called out to her to come look at the ladybird that I had found on one of our neighbors flowers. She came running across the road, not looking for traffic and the next thing I know, she was gone. My sweet sister at the age of seven, hit by a passing by truck. I remember screaming her name at the top of my lungs, bringing everyone on the street to their front doors to see what had happened. I knew I had fallen down on the path, crying, calling for her to come back. Ever since, I had hoped when I woke up, she would be right beside me, smiling and saying she was ok but every morning when I woke up, she was never there. Slowly, without realizing, I drifted off to sleep. I don’t know what the time was when I did, but I woke up to a soft whispering beside my ear. I sat up quickly, looking around. I couldn’t see anything but I knew someone was inside my bedroom. Not visible, but there amongst the shadows. “Hello?” I whispered, knowing I would not have to speak loudly. I knew that if whoever was cloaked in the shadows could whisper, then so could I. A soft giggle sounded from the darkest corner of the room. My name was being repeated over and over, only loud enough for my ears to hear. I rubbed my hands across my legs, trying to remove the goosebumps that had come with the ghostly whisper. A soft caress came to my cheek, making me freeze, only just breathing. It stopped but I knew whatever it was that had just touched me, trusted me and wanted me to know something. “Jessica…look at me.” The voice beside my side whispered, ghostly. I sat there, remaining silent, with my eyes tightly closed. This voice. It was too much like Alison’s. I could feel a slight dizziness in my head. “No, Alison. You, no, you…but I thought?” Was all that came from my mouth before my eyes closed and I fell back against my pillows. When I awoke again, the sun was peeking through the curtains and the window was…shut. I could barely move, but I made myself get up and get ready for the day. Today, I was going to go on a research hunt, about ghosts, my sister and anything else that could help me discover what happened to me last night. I kept to myself and didn’t talk to mum when I went down to the kitchen for breakfast. When I was eating, mum spoke. “Jessica! You’re humming that song of Alison’s that she wrote.” I looked over at mum, who was staring at me with wide-eyed horror. “Yeah..and your point is?” I said in reply. Mum closed her mouth before she spoke something that didn’t need to be said. I finished my breakfast quickly, grabbed my bag and headed for the door. “Jessica. Where on earth are you going so early in the morning?” Dad called from his place on the couch. He never left that seat but when he did, he growled at anyone who even contemplated sitting there. We all made a note of avoiding sitting near dad when he was sitting there. “Im going out. Is that alright? Or is it against the law to have a day out on my own?” I replied, in a smart manner, then walked out the door. It was warm already even though it was only eight-thirty. The library opened at nine, so I started walking there slowly. The breeze lifted my hair from my neck, blowing it around my face. All this brought back glimpses of last nights scene. The coolness and tenderness touch of the wind made me shiver and receive goosebumps all over again. This didn’t feel good. I felt horror, shame and pity. Flashbacks of the past from the day of the accident with Alison came to my mind, making me dizzy and feeling unstable. I grabbed onto the nearest fence for balance and something to lean against until I could control myself. “Breathe Jessica.” I told myself, trying to cool off and regain my balance. Once I knew I had gotten control of my self balance, I headed for the library again. The doors were already open but I was the first there (besides the library staff that is). I greeted who I saw with a hello and a bright smile, getting one or the other in return. I searched through the aisles of books about ghosts, cemeteries and deaths from 1985 to 1988. I grabbed a few books and sat at the empty table placed in the back corner of the library. I didn’t want to be bothered by other people who came in or by the librarians. I flicked through the pages of the ghosts book, thinking this was probably a waste of time until a picture caught my eye. It was of a girl, sitting by herself on a park bench. This picture reminded me of Alison. It even looked like her. I read the article about this little girl who had been murdered by her father, got placed in a coffin and buried. Her mother then went to see her gravestone in respect and mourning, to find a hole in the ground big enough for her daughter to escape. Over the next few years, things happened around their home. They were not good things either. Eventually, the ghost that was creating these things to happen, left the home because the mother and father moved out of that house. After reading that article, I had goosebumps. I was beginning to wonder if Alison was a ghost coming back to haunt our home. The only problem with that was, what took her so long to come back? And why was I the only one who could hear her? This was all getting to be to much for me to take in. I looked inside the Deaths From 1985 to 1988 book and found Alison. Her name was printed in bold letters (like all the others) and then her age, year of birth and death, and reason of death. This is what it looked like:

Alison Paige Smith
Born and Passed away in: 1980-1987.
Hit by oncoming truck while crossing road.

I cried reading this. I quickly closed that book, returned all of the books to their shelves and ran out of the library. I ran until I couldn’t run any further, until I could barely breathe. It was my fault my sister had died. Nobody else’s. If I hadn’t called out to her, she would still be alive, in my house, smiling and laughing like she always did. Our household wasn’t the same without her. No matter what any of us did, it was always sad and gloomy. It was never bright and cheerful. I guess we lost a lot when Alison left our lives. I sat down on the grass at the park and closed my eyes. I wished that Alison would be there, right beside me when I opened my eyes in five minutes. When I did open my eyes five minutes later, unfortunately, she wasn’t. I always knew that wishes were stupid because none of mine ever came true. Why couldn’t I have been the one to go. Everyone seemed much happier when she was around and I wasn’t. I bet they would have preferred it if I had been the one to get hit by the truck. I got up and slowly walked home. I reached the front door and was about to open it when I heard soft childish whispers. “Jessica. Come play with me. Im lonely.” The soft whispers were once again, coming from my bedroom. I opened the door, knowing I would be the only one home. It was just after lunchtime and mum would be working. So would dad. I shut the door, placed my things on the table near the door and went to my bedroom. The door was ajar, and a coolness surrounded it. I pushed the door open and went in. It was so cold in my room. I went to the window and was about to open it. “Noooo. Please don’t open the window. It is too hot for me.” I froze. The voice was just over my shoulder. Slowly, I turned around, expecting to see Alison standing right behind me. But she wasn’t. Soft giggles were coming from the deepest shadow in the corner, once again. “Alison? Is that you?” I asked, reaching out for her. I wanted to touch her. To know that she was really there. Tears fell from my eyes, leaving a trail on the floor. “Oh, Jessica. I have missed you.” A soft hand touched mine. I shivered but stood strong. This feeling was incredible. I wanted to hold her close and bring her home to the life she deserved. To the life I didn’t. She deserves it more than I ever did. I sat there just holding her hand. “Alison. I love you. I wish you were still here with me.” I cried more now. This feeling just didn’t have words. “I am still here Jessica. I wont leave you.” Alison whispered in her ghostly whisper. The soft hold spread from my hand into a smooth hug. It would have looked like I was hugging nothing but I knew I was. I was holding the most fragile, loving, caring being around. I never wanted to let her go because I felt like if I did, I would lose her again. In my head I made a promise, only to myself, to nobody else. Alison’s hand caressed my face where my tears were flowing but her touch did not remove the watery droplets. I sighed and loosened my hold on her. “Why did it have to happen to you Ali? You meant so much to me. You gave me hope for the future. You taught me how to smile when things got rough and I was the one who was blamed. I just wish we could take it all back to the past and you were still around.” I closed my eyes, I let my mind wander back to that day, and I let it change the day to make it better. No truck coming, a smile on my face as she came across the road to me and a soft, warm hug to congratulate me for finding the ladybird. I knew this couldn’t happen but I sure wish it did. I stood up and went to my wardrobe. “Jess? What are you doing?” Alison’s whisper sped across the room. I stood back up from leaning down to pick something up off of the ground in the wardrobe. “Wishing Dust. Just one spill of this across my hand and anything I wish for will come true. The only thing is, I have to do one thing in return.” I looked to where the whisper was coming from. “It isn’t worth it Jess. You know it isn’t. I can tell what you are thinking and I refuse to let you do it.” I was confused. She couldn’t know what I was thinking could she? “Ali, whatever you’re thinking that im thinking, I think you’re wrong.” A cool hand rested itself on my arm. Then a pain slowly spread up my arm. “Ali, what are you doing? Whatever it is that you are doing, it hurts.” It stopped. “Im letting you feel what it is like to be the way I am. Do you really want to swap?” I gulped. Damn, she did know what I was thinking. “That’s not what I was thinking. I don’t think like that. Well, maybe I do but I wasn’t thinking that then.” The cool touch was removed from my arm, just as it went numb. I sat down where I was and grabbed a handful of Wishing Dust. I said out loud my wish before Alison could stop me. “I wish upon the brightest star tonight, that my life will be exchanged for Alison’s. She can have a happy life, and I will have hers.” I sprinkled the dust over my empty hand and closed my eyes. “I love you Alison. I always have and forever will.” A sharp pain spread from my finger tips, slowly going up my arms, through my head, down my chest, right through to my toes. I felt faint and empty. I looked at Alison. She had changed over to life, while I passed over to death. I saw she was crying. If I could cry, I would probably be crying right now too. Alison wasn’t lying when she showed me how much pain came with being apart of the afterlife. “Jessica. I told you not to do it. I wanted to be here for you, even though I was never completely here, I would still be here in your room, whispering to you, making you laugh, making you smile. Im going to miss you Jessica. Please go. I don’t want to hear you or im going to go kill myself just to be with you. I thank you for giving me another chance. I’ll use this chance to my best, make this life of mine count. I’ll watch out for everything, and I’ll think of you everyday. There wont be a second when you wont be there, smiling, laughing and being the person I know you can be. I love you. Take care.” Alison stood up and opened the window. I could feel myself being pulled out into the wind. Like something was sucking me to a place that needed me more than what Alison did. All I saw was a blinding white light after I left the room. I tried closing my eyes, but I could still see the light. Everything suddenly went dark but I could still feel the pain. The pain overpowered everything. My whole body was numb and I couldn’t feel anything. I have never regretted giving up my life for my sister and I never will. I know she would do the same for me. So that is my story of losing and giving a life back to my sister who deserves it a lot more than myself. I still think of her because it is impossible to forget a person that you have loved more than anything since the day you were born. If I could do it again, I would because it means so much to me giving up my own life to make someone else’s better.

For Love of My Sister


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This story is about a girl who lost her sister at a young age. Very recently she started hearing noises around the house that couldnt be described until she discovered what it really was.

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