About my work on redbubble

Just some information about my work here…

So far I have just a few samples of maybe some of my more favorite work. I have a TON of work. I’m an illustrator (still in school at Pratt) and my projects are constant. I will try to upload new work and more information about my pieces, but if you really want to track ALL of my work, go to my website. http://pratt.edu/~clewyta
Even that doesn’t get uploaded that much, but I archived everything.

I check redbubble every so often, so if I don’t get back to you, I will. If you want to contact me faster e-mail me chelseadollcake@gmail.com or if you want to chat my aim is chelseadollcake.

Thank you for everyone’s support and feedback. I really had no idea my work would be so well appreciated. It really makes me happy to know I’m connecting with people. I’m really excited to be getting more professional work so I can touch an even larger audience.

-Chelsea Greene

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