We sat in the cafe on our school camp, eating our lunch, my friends and I crowded around the small, circular table chatting and laughing loudly, munching on our sandwiches and mak­ing jokes about what the meat looked like.
“Hey, look at this one, guys!” Aaron exclaimed. “It looks like Jacob’s face!”
“Lots of stuff looks like Jacob’s face.” Crystal muttered with a small laugh.
Jacob reached his arm across the table, and held his hand in front of Crystal’s face.
“Stop!” He cried.
Everyone smiled with the memories of all the times he had said that in the year.
“You’re an idiot.” James laughed.
“Idiot.” Daniel echoed, smiling.
The group burst into a fresh wave of laughter.
“Shut up!” Called the other classmates from across the cafe.
Our laughing slowly faded into a sea of smiles as we finished our sandwiches.
We started to get restless, so Daniel and James started a food fight. First they started by throwing bits of sandwich crust at each other, then I felt a soft thing on the side of my face. It dropped down and into my lap. I looked down and saw a piece of bread on my right leg.
I picked it up and looked at Daniel, who gave me one of his ‘It wasn’t me’ looks. I turned to James, who pointed at Daniel.
“Who was it?” I asked, looking at each of them in turn.
They both pointed to each other, so I turned to Tamara and held out my hand.
“A piece of avocado please.” I said.
She pulled the green vegetable out of her sandwich and handed it to me. I picked up my avocado from my sandwich and held one piece of the slimy thing in each of my hands.
Then I flung it across the table. Each hit James and Daniel square in the face. They took this as the instruction to throw more food, and before we knew it, the whole class was throwing bits of their sandwiches at each other.
A bit of egg flew across the room and hit me on the cheek.
I turned and saw Bryn with an egg sandwich in his hand, poised ready to be thrown. I scowled and threw some cucumber, hitting him in the chest.
“Oh, it’s on!” He called.
I laughed and dove behind a table as bits of egg rained towards me.
Suddenly a bang rang through the café as the big, glass double doors opened loudly, making everyone stop in the food fight and drop their food.
In the doorway stood a tall man, dressed in all black, from his leather jacket to his shiny shoes. The black sunglasses over his eyes glistened in the light from the overhead lamps of the café. He had matted, long black hair and a stern, thin mouth. In his right jacket pocket was a bulge, and for a moment I wondered what it was. All up, he was quite a scary looking man.
“The bikies are in town.” Daniel whispered.
“SHUT UP AND LINE UP AGAINST THAT WALL!” Shouted the man, his deep voice echoing off the walls.
We shuffled towards the wall, not knowing what to think.
We ran to the wall now, and glanced around at each other, some kids looked terrified, like Hannah and Chloe. Some just looked like they could burst out laughing at any moment, like James and Raymond, as if they were expecting the man to suddenly laugh and tell us it was all a huge joke.
They were proved wrong.
“As if he’s going to shoot us.” Caitlin whispered to Jasmine, crossing her arms.
The man whipped the bulge out of his pocket and pointed it at Caitlin.
It turned out to be a gun. The barrel shined in the light and the man’s rough finger curled around the trigger, ready to shoot.
“I will.” He scowled, his hand steady on the gun and aimed at Caitlin’s chest.
“Pft.” Caitlin snorted, lifting up her chin proudly.
“I will.” The man repeated.
Caitlin smiled, then snorted again. The man smiled back, almost mockingly, then squeezed the trigger, his eyes full of menace.
“Caitlin! Duck!” Braeden cried.
“Where?” Caitlin replied.
I sniggered but the laugh faded instantly as the bullet tore across the room. Caitlin’s body gave a small jolt as the silver thing plunged into her chest. She gave a yelp and began to fall to the floor.
Riley ran to catch her but he missed and skidded along the floor until he was near my feet.
“Get up.” I whispered, so the man couldn’t hear.
He gulped and rose, then stood next to me. He was shaking and taking quick, shallow breaths.
“She’s not dead, Riley.” I muttered, looking at Caitlin breathing lightly a pool of her own blood.
He nodded again then fell silent.
Tamara shifted slightly on the other side of me.
“Yay, she’s dead.” She whispered, smirking.
The gunman turned on Tamara and shot her too, she sunk to the floor, muttering something under her breath that sounded like ‘stupid bastard’.
Nick stepped forward from the line and shouted at the gunman.
“What the hell is wrong with you? You just think you can go around shooting everyone like a fu-”
He fell to the ground too.
James looked like he could hold in his laughter no more.
“It’s a psychopath! Everybody run!” He laughed.
The man turned on him and James’ final words as he went down were ‘Oh crap’.
I decided then the safest way for all of us to get through.
“Everyone! Run! Get out now!” I shouted.
It took a while for everyone to get the message, but eventually we got to the door.
I suddenly realised that there was someone missing.
“Where’s Squiggles?” I asked Crystal, using Daniel’s nickname.
“Over there.” She breathed, while ushering everyone out the door.
Daniel was standing across the room, frozen in his position.
“I’m staying here. We’re going to die anyway.” He called to me.
I felt anger burning inside me.
“WE’RE NOT DEAD YET! NOW COME ON!” I screamed at him.
He seemed taken aback by my response, and he finally got moving.
The gunman was standing in the middle of the room, in a daze from the sudden confusion, so he didn’t notice as Daniel ran past.
We ran out the door of the café, then we had to run towards where the others were, across the theme park, near the ‘Discover Rocks’ section, the most boring bit of the park.
“You ok, Squiggles?” I asked Daniel, who ran next to me.
“Yup.” He panted, gaining a little speed.
We reached the place where the others were. Some people were on the ground, crying, with others comforting them.
“But-but-but what if she’s dead?” Caitlin’s friend, Jasmine, was sobbing.
“She’s not, Jazz, I saw her. She was breathing fine.” I said, glancing around at everyone else.
Crystal nodded agreement. “So is Tam.” She said.
“If we thought they were dead, we would have picked them up, right?” Bryn asked.
“If we had time, yes, but otherwise, we might have had to leave them.” Braeden answered.
“Whatever happens, guys.” Riley spoke up. “We have to stick together, this isn’t a movie.”
Tallara nodded, so did Jacob.
“Where’s Aaron?” Jasmine, my friend, asked.
“Oh shit, Aaron.” I groaned.
I searched the group, he wasn’t there.
“Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit.” I began to mutter.
I turned to the others.
“Riley, Bryn, Braden, Raymond, come with me, we have to get the others.” I ordered, feeling kind of up myself.
I thought Raymond would protest, but instead he shrugged and followed the others and me back towards the café.

We had the others in our arms, well, I was carrying Aaron, because he was the lightest, Raymond was carrying James because he was the heaviest, Bryn carrying Tamara, Riley carrying Caitlin (upon his request), and when we got there Nick was able to walk, so he walked with us.
Tamara was moaning, Caitlin was sobbing, asking ‘am I dead?’, and James was trying to get free of Raymond’s grasp.
“Get off me, you bastard.” He groaned.
Raymond held on to James tightly, his blood oozing through his fingers, but when we got back to where everyone else was, Raymond dropped James on the ground like he was a rag doll.
Daniel scowled at him then bent down to talk to his friend.
I saw that James was fine, laughing and chatting to Daniel, so I walked over to Caitlin, who was surrounded by Tallara, Shanae, Kira and Jasmine.
“Is she ok?” I asked, keeping my distance, I knew what Jasmine could be like.
“She’s fine, sleeping.” Kira replied sharply.
I nodded, seeing for myself that Caitlin was sleeping in the grass with a little smile on her face, walked over to check on Nick.
“How’s he?” I asked Dylan, who was lying down next to him.
Dylan shrugged.
“Same as usual.” He muttered, unusually quiet.
“I’m right, I’m just bleeding like an over-shaken can of Coke.” Nick sniggered.
I laughed at him then ran over to check on Tam, who I had saved until last.
Crystal was crouched over her, and, with the help of Jasmine, was trickling water into Tamara’s mouth.
“Don’t spill it.” I joked, kneeling next to Cassie on the other side of Tamara.
Crystal looked up at me and smiled slightly, before going back to caring for Tam. Tamara groaned and tried to turn away from the water.
“Piss off, I’m not thirsty.” She muttered, making us all laugh.
Crystal poured the water over a dry patch of grass then lay down next to Tam.
“You know, we should try and see how deep the bullet’s are in them.” Jasmine said. “If they’re not very deep, we could try and take them out.”
Tamara moaned.
“It would kill.” She said.
Crystal nodded.
“It would, but, would you rather go through pain than die from a bullet?” She answered smartly.
Tamara fell silent for a few moments.
“Fine, take it out.” She muttered.
Crystal nodded in approval.
“Where’s Aaron?” Jasmine asked.
“Oh shit, I keep forgetting about Aaron!” I groaned, then rose to my feet and went off in search of Aaron and Jacob.
I found them sitting away from the others, Jacob sitting over Aaron, watching him, his face torn with worry.
“What’s wrong?” I called to Jacob, breaking into a run.
“He’s not breathing, and his pulse is weak.” Jacob answered, his voice faint.
“Crap.” I whispered to myself.
“Crystal! Get over here! Jasmine! I need your help!” I called across the grassy picnic area.
Crystal and Jasmine came running, Crystal with a pair of tweezers.
“Where’d you get those?” I asked.
“Raymond stole them from Mrs. Greig. Don’t know what for.” She replied.
I nodded.
“Hurry up!” Jacob cried.
Jacob was never like this, he was always in his ‘don’t panic’ mood. His sudden seriousness was slightly scary.
Crystal knelt over Aaron and ripped open his blood-stained school shirt. It would have been funny if he wasn’t nearly dead.
The wound was large, and the silver of the bullet was visible through the blood and guts of Aaron.
“The inside of Aaron. Gross.” Jasmine muttered.
Crystal looked me in the eyes.
“I can’t do it.” She says. “I can’t take it out, it’s too horrible to look at.”
I took the tweezers from her hands and knelt over Aaron, taking great care to ignore the redness of his insides.
I tried to keep my hand steady as I moved in to grasp the tweezers around the bullet.
I clamped the sides shut and pulled out the bullet. A small squelching sound emitted from his guts and he drew a sharp intake of breath as the silver thing was pulled from his wound.


Chelsea Allen

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A story I wrote about a dream that I had.

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  • Chelsea Allen
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