It's about time...

I thought it was about time to make an entry in my journal. I’d really like to share with everyone the process I’m going through at the moment organising an exhibition of art by my very talented friends.

I thought that it was about time the world got to see these beautiful works of art. I have been blessed to know some great talents but something became clear to me. The artists were not showing their work to people.

My idea was to get a group of artists together and hire gallery space to have our own exhibition – we controlled the what and where and as much as possible the how much.

It has been a mighty learning experience – hire of the gallery, designing the flyers, deciding on the week to exhibit, what opening night will be like, getting approval to raise money for charity, applying for a one night liquor license.

We are three quarters of the way there and very happy with the progress. The great thing is that once we have been through all this we can repeat the process for future exhibitions.

I’ll keep you all updated.

For more info on the exhibition check

Also another member of Red Bubble is involved in the exhibition – Carry Smith. Check out her lovely paintings.

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